College Policies

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Policy List
1A.1.0.1 Communication Process.pdf
1A.1.0.2 Community Relations Policy.pdf
1B.0.1.1 Reasonable Accommodations in Employment.pdf
1B.1.0.2 Procedure - Complaint of Discrimination and-or Harassment.pdf
1B.1.01 Non-Discrimination-Harassment Policy.pdf
1B.3.1.1 Sexual Violence Policy.pdf
1B. Sexual Violence Procedure.pdf
1B.3.2.1 Zero Tolerance of Workplace Violence.pdf
1B. Student ADA Access Complaint Procedure.pdf Student Stipends Policy.pdf Student Data Practices.pdf Determination of Minnesota Residency.pdf Student Government, Organizations and Clubs.pdf
2.9 Satisfactory Academic Progress.pdf Program Review Guidelines and Procedures.pdf Learning Abroad Policy.pdf Transfer Credit Appeals and Academic Petitions.pdf Academic Affairs and Standards Council Purpose and Procedures.pdf Advanced Placement Credit - Procedures.pdf International Baccalaureate Credit - Procedure.pdf Requirements for Degrees, Diplomas and Certificates.pdf Assigning and Changing Grades.pdf Academic Progress and Probation-Suspension Policy.pdf Academic Renewal.pdf Awarding of Credit in the Event of a Long-term Emergency.pdf Instructional Delivery Systems.pdf Course Credit Transfer - Procedure.pdf Course Syllabi.pdf Copyright Policy.pdf Assessment.pdf Program Advisory Committees.pdf College Faculty Credentialing Policy-Procedure.pdf College Level Examination Program (CLEP) Credit - Procedure.pdf Credit for Prior Learning - Procedure.pdf Graduation Requirements and Honors.pdf Course Prerequisites.pdf Minnesota Transfer Curriculum - Procedure.pdf Admission Appeals Procedure.pdf
3.6.1 Student Conduct and Academic Honesty.pdf Student Complaint and Grievance Policy and Procedure.pdf Volunteer Policy-Procedure.pdf Nepotism.pdf Staff and Leadership Development Policy.pdf Staff Tuition Assistance Policy.pdf Discounts on Continuing Education Classes for Century Employees.pdf Employee Evaluation Policy.pdf Weather and Emergency Closing or Cancellations.pdf Administrators Evaluation Procedure.pdf Faculty Evaluation Process.pdf Handling Cash Funds.pdf Refund Policy.pdf Communication Services.pdf Information Technology Procedures.pdf Purchasing Guidelines.pdf Expenditures of Student Activities Funds.pdf Textbook Ordering Guidelines.pdf Green Purchasing Policy.pdf Acceptable Use of Information Technology Resources.pdf Data Practices Policy and Procedure.pdf Guide to Accessing Public Information at Century College.pdf Schedule of Standard Copying Costs.pdf College Key Controls and Electronic Door Access.pdf Procedures for Accidents, Injuries and Incidents.pdf Campus Safety and Security Policy.pdf Campus Security Procedures.pdf Emergency Procedures for Fire, Tornado, Evacuation.pdf Tobacco Use and Sale Policy.pdf Campus Building Operating Hours.pdf College Vehicle-Use Procedures.pdf Campus Parking and Access Fee.pdf College Facilities Usage by Outside Parties.pdf Write-Off Policy.pdf Investment Policy.pdf Development and Management of Grants and External Funding.pdf Solicitation on Campus.pdf Use of College Resources and Equipment.pdf College Signage.pdf College Displays on Departmental Bulletin Boards.pdf Procedure for Changing Rooms for Credit Classes.pdf Procedure for Scheduling a Room for Purposes other than Classes.pdf Creating and Revising College Policies and Procedures.pdf