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The Inspirational Educators project began as an effort to share
personal stories from the Century College community that demonstrated
the ways educators and students inspire one another each day. Century College staff, faculty, administrators, and students submitted
stories that represented the best of the student-teacher relationship.

Call for Submissions: Breathing In, Volume 3

We are currently collecting stories for the third volume of Breathing In with the theme of "paying it forward" and would like to hear about the people at Century College who have inspired you to make a difference. We will compile the stories that best reflect spirit of paying it forward, publish them, and begin distributing the publication in May of 2013.

No matter the size of the gesture, tell us about the individual who has made a difference in your life and how it has impacted you to make a difference. You don’t need to limit yourself to a classroom experience; the moment might have happened in the hallway, an office, or the parking lot.
How did you pay it forward?

To remind you how important your stories are, with permission from the author, we're releasing the first submission. James' narrative reminds us of the importance of a single life, and we wanted to share his reflections with you. How many other individuals have affected the students, staff, and faculty at Century without realizing their impact?

James is playing it forward by sharing his submission right now. We're hoping that he'll light the fire for you.

Submit Your Story — Deadline: November 1, 2012

We look forward to hearing from you. Please submit your story as a Word document by November 1 to: Cheryl Gfrerer or call for more information at 651.779.3340.

The Beginning: Breathing In, Volume 1

In 2007, forty-three stories were compiled, edited, and bound in a
collection entitled, "Breathing In: Stories from the Century College Community." This first volume celebrated learning, teaching, and the importance of inspirational educators. This well-received publication has been distributed at conferences across the country, within the MnSCU system, and to Century College employees, students, alumni and community members.

Sample Stories include:

Breathing In, Volume 2

In 2008, Century College Alumni Association Board members enthusiastically supported Breathing In and sponsored the second volume, "Breathing In: Stories from the Century College Community, Volume II.

Volume II focused on Century College graduates and retirees, and served to remind people that their relationship with Century College doesn't end when they leave; rather, it's a cyclical relationship that continues into the future. Thirty-one stories about educators, staff, and students were contributed, reflecting the diverse and chance encounters leading to education.

Sample Stories include:


For more information, contact: