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Guide to Getting Started

Your Century Experience

Century College is committed to your academic success, and we have many resources to help you reach graduation. Our focused efforts to support student success have lead us to be a nationally recognized Achieving the Dream College—we are proud to be the only community college in Minnesota with this designation.

Getting Started

If you're ready to accept new challenges, work hard, and find your career path, Century faculty and staff will help you every step of the way. Getting started is simple:

Your First Semester

Tutors Linked to Classes

Whether this is your first experience with college or you are returning as an adult learner, you'll have all the support and opportunities you need to make your first semester at Century a success, including tutoring, meetings with academic counselors, and more:

  • Learning communities
  • Academic Planning — You'll learn how to create a road map to your destination—graduation—with a semester–by–semester academic plan.
  • Program Advisors — Students enrolled in Century's specialized programs have a faculty member from their program assigned to them as an advisor. Program faculty advisors assist students with academic planning from the time students begin their program until they graduate.
  • Counseling
  • Tutors Linked to Classes
  • New Student Seminar/Faculty Advising** — Our 3-credit course will help you develop strategies to become a successful college student. Topics include: time management, self motivation, personal responsibility, financial planning and academic planning.
  • First Year Experience (FYE) — This FREE workshop series, available to all students, is designed to help you make a smooth transition to Century College. Workshops include: goal setting, stress management, financial planning, learning styles, and personal wellness. You'll be invited to register for the FYE program when you attend orientation.
Academic support

**NOTE: New Student Seminar is required for all students who place into Reading 0080 or Reading 0090, and is offered as an elective course for students who place into college-level reading.

All students registered for the New Student Seminar will have their NSS instructor as their faculty advisor. Faculty advisors meet with students individually and support and guide students through their first semester at Century.

Your Path to Graduation

You'll have academic support all the way on your path to graduation, from our numerous resource centers to our tutoring programs to our Career Services center:

Graduation Day!

Student Life

At Century, we know that learning and personal growth occur both in and out of the classroom. Our outstanding Student Life Office will provide you with ample opportunities to become involved in our college community.