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Hope's Boy

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Our Common Book Project brings the college community together around a shared reading experience. Each of our Common Books has connected students and employees with the larger campus community and the wider world beyond, and created opportunities for productive discussions on culture, equity, diversity, and inclusivity.

About The Book

In his memoir, Hope's Boy, Andrew Bridge writes about his difficulties in the foster care system. As a young boy, he lived in abject poverty for two years with his mother, Hope. After his mother exhibited signs of mental illness, Bridge spent eleven years with a foster family, the Leonards, in a household devoid of love or even friendship. Despite his hardships, Bridge succeeded educationally, and earned a full scholarship to Wesleyan, attained a Harvard Law Degree, and became a Fulbright Scholar.

Hope's Boy  takes a difficult, critical look at the social services provided to children in this country, yet it is also a triumph of the human spirit. The book was a New York Times Bestseller and was also named one of The Washington Post’s Best Books of 2008. People magazine described the book as "shocking, inspiring, [and] unforgettable."

The Author

Today Andrew Bridge is the Executive Director of the Child Welfare Initiative, a national organization whose mission is to "produce measurable improvements in the lives of children and families involved in child welfare systems."

To hear Andrew Bridge discuss Hope’s Boy, click here.


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