Community Bulletin Board Locations

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Community Bulletin Boards

If you would like to publicize an event or organization within the Century College campus, we offer several bulletin boards for that purpose.

Location Description

NOTE: All of these boards are labeled "Community Information".

Campus Floor Location
East 3rd Main stairwell by Lincoln Mall
East 2nd Left of Room E2561
East 2nd Windows near 916 end
East 1st Near courtesy phone by Busy Bees entrance
East 1st Human Resource hall – main entrance down the ramp
East 1st Ramp between the Library and Kopp Center
West 3rd Left of Room W3380
West 2nd Stairs C
West 2nd Near Room W2221- Records
West 2nd Near Room W2239 - Admissions
West 2nd Near Room W2340- outside Business office
West 1st Room W1001 entrance
West 1st Next to The Perch Coffee shop
West 1st In West Cafeteria


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