Motorcycle Safety

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Century College has the largest motorcycle training facility in the upper Midwest, and we train more than 1,200 riders of all levels each year. You’ll learn the physical skills to operate a motorcycle and gain the knowledge to manage risk and ride safely.

We offer a variety of classes from April through October, from introductory to advanced. Our training features day, evening and weekend classes to fit your busy schedule.

Program Information

Introduction to Motorcycling

Designed for the true novice, these courses provide a hands-on introduction to motorcycle controls and their operation before taking the Basic Rider Course.

Basic Rider Course 1

We offer the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) Basic Rider Course which features a 16-hour training program including both classroom and on-cycle instruction.

Basic Rider Course 2

Whether you’ve been riding one year or twenty, this course offers the chance to practice advanced motorcycle-handling skills using your own bike.

Motorcycle Skill Retesting

Need more practice? Our retest training is for those who have passed the written test, but failed the driving test.

Sidecar/Trike Education

Our Sidecar/Trike Education Program (S/TEP) is designed to assist riders with three-wheeled riding experience.


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