Pharmacy Technician

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The need for prescription medications is growing each year and so is the demand for pharmacy technicians. Working under the supervision of a licensed pharmacist, technicians perform duties such as assisting patients, filling prescriptions, maintaining inventory, and keeping pharmacy records. They work in many different settings, including retail/community pharmacies, in-patient and out-patient hospital pharmacies, long-term care facilities and home care services.

Program Overview

Our pharmacy technician course gives you the necessary training and preparation to gain entry-level employment in a hospital or retail setting. Coursework includes learning medical terminology related to common pharmacy work orders and prescriptions. You will learn dosage calculations, conversions, error checking, and inventory control, along with billing, coding and reimbursement guidelines. Some of the course is provided online and requires access to a computer and a valid email address.

Upon completion of this training and accumulating work experience, you can increase your marketable skills by studying for the national exam for Pharmacy Technicians (PTs), which allows PTs to use the credential known as Certified Pharmacy Technician (CPhT).

Work Environment

You must enjoy working with people, be attentive to detail, and well-organized. Pharmacy technicians work alongside pharmacists. You should be willing to spend a lot of time standing and may be required to work evenings and weekends. Many technicians and aids work part–time.