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Graduation preparation

Degree audit

Confirm that you have met all of your degree requirements by getting a degree audit.

  • Login to Century's e-Services using your Star ID and password
  • Select Grades and Transcripts then Interactive Degree Audit Report.
  • You may want to meet with a counselor or academic advisor, especially if you have transferred credits to Century or have filed any petitions, to ensure that everything is in order.

Graduation application

On your application, confirm the academic catalog year for which you are graduating. Requirements for completing a degree may change slightly from year to year. It is important that you know which year you are fulfilling. Don't assume it is the current year or the year you started at Century College. The catalog year is listed on the top of the DARS. If you have questions, ask a counselor, academic advisor or your program advisor.

  • Catalog requirements older than 6 years cannot be used for a degree program, and technical credits older than 5 years cannot be used for a degree, diploma or certificate.
  • Be sure all academic petitions also indicate the same catalog year and major/program.

"60-day limit to graduate" policy

Century College must adhere to a "60-Day limit to graduate" policy. This means that you must make sure that your graded transfer credits and academic petitions are completed and available for the Graduation Evaluator when completing your evaluation. (The 60 days begins at the end of the semester.)

If the information needed to process your application is not received in time, your application to graduate could be delayed to the next semester.

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