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Reminders and potential challenges


Make sure that your transcripts from other colleges have been received and evaluated by our DARS/Transfer Office (this information should appear on your degree audit).

If you were a 916/CTC (Career & Tech Center) student and are graduating from the same program that you started in high school, make sure that your 916/CTC transcripts have been received and evaluated.


If you have any existing holds on your record, such as a parking or a library fee, your diploma and transcripts will be on hold until the fine is paid. Visit the Business Office, or login to e-Services to check your account for holds.


If you have received a grade of incomplete or anticipate one for the current semester and it is a required course for your degree, your graduation evaluation will be delayed. Do not assume that your instructor has changed the grade. Go to e-Services and check your DARS

Repeated courses

If you have repeated the same course one or more times, complete a Repeat Course Form (pdf). All grades will remain on your transcript, however your GPA will be adjusted.


If an internship is necessary for your program, all work must be completed and grades submitted before your graduation evaluation is complete.

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