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Applying for graduation

Complete the graduation application (available at the end) and submit to the Records Office W2220.

On the application, please indicate each degree, diploma or certificate award (in different program areas) that you wish to have evaluated and noted on your transcript.

Please note: If the evaluation of your academic records indicates that requirements have "Not Been Met", you may need to reapply after all requirements have been met.

Receiving your degree

Expect your formal degree document within approximately 14-16 weeks after grades are entered. However, usually within 6-8 weeks, you can view the degree notation online by viewing your unofficial transcript or by requesting an official transcript through

If you are applying for two degrees and there is only one notation listed on your transcript, the other is most likely still in process. If the 14-16 week time period has passed, and the 2nd degree notation still has not been entered, please contact the Graduation Evaluator at 651.779.3294.

Mailing address/name change

Your diploma and other correspondence will be mailed to the address given on the Graduation Application Form UNLESS a Student Change of Information Form is submitted.

Also, your diploma and other correspondence will be issued in the name currently on file, UNLESS you submit a Student Change of Information Form with specific instructions to change the name. Valid identification is required (i.e. driver's license or state identification card and a Social Security card with the new name). This must be done in person at the Records Office.

Law Enforcement/Nursing programs

The Law Enforcement or Nursing programs have special considerations and timelines that need to be met. If you have any questions, contact the Century College Graduation Evaluator at 651.779.3294.

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