Easy Payment Plan

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Century College offers automatic installment payment plan for credit classes

Century's convenient, affordable, interest-free payment plan offers you the following advantages:

  • Easy online enrollment
  • Monthly payment plan
  • Flexible payment options
  • No interest

Note: This applies to credit classes only. Noncredit, continuing education classes must pay in full upon registration.

Payment methods

  • Automatic bank payment (ACH)
  • Credit card/debit card

Payments are processed on the 5th or 20th of each month and will continue until the balance is paid in full. If a credit/debit card is used, a convenience fee, in addition to the enrollment fee, will be assessed.

Note: Nelnet processes all down and full payments immediately.

Cost to participate

  • $20 enrollment fee per semester (ACH & credit card)
  • $30 returned payment fee if a payment is returned

Simple step to enroll

Spring '16 Payment Plan Schedule

Last day to enroll online Required down payment Number of payments Month of payments
Payments due on the 5th of the month
December 2 None 4 Jan – Apr
December 9 15% or $300 3 Feb – Apr
January 8 25% 3 Feb – Apr
Payments due on the 20th of the month
December 9 15% or $300 3 Feb – Apr