Academic Advising

Century College Academic Pathways

All students are assigned an academic advisor or counselor by Academic Pathways. You are encouraged to meet with your academic advisor or counselor to create a long-term academic plan that maps out all of your classes for graduation. Your academic advisor or counselor will help keep you on track as you work towards completing your degree. We are committed to your success and want to assist you in reaching your academic and career goals! Click here to meet the advisors and counselors.

General Education and Transfer Pathway

Students interested in liberal arts, general transfer preparation and for those that are undecided and exploring a wide variety of career options.

Business Pathway

Students interested in pursuing careers in business, commerce, managements and administrative support.

Human Services Pathway

Students interested in human and support services, social services, and education related fields.

Health Sciences Pathway

Students interested in health and medical related careers.

Technology and Engineering (STEM) Pathway

Students interested in the fields of mathematics, science, engineering and technology.

Applied Design and Industrial Pathway

Students interested in customer relationships, applied design and industrial careers.

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