Access Center Procedures

Captioning of videos and film

All films and videos acquired after 12/30/94 must have either open or closed captioning. Any films and videos purchased on or before 12/30/94 that are not captioned may be used, but will be captioned on request or as a requested reasonable accommodation.


Captioning may not be required when material will not be used for ongoing training and material will be shown to a specific known audience which does not require captioning for equal access.

Meeting/Program/Event Accessibility

All departments shall ensure that facilities used for meetings, training, and public events are physically accessible.


All departments shall inform potential participants in the above activities of the availability of accommodations by including the following statement on bulletins, flyers, brochures, letters, PSA's, or any other material used to inform participants of the event:

If you need help to make it possible for you to attend and participate in the event, (such as wheelchair access or a sign language interpreter), please contact:

Ed Sapinski
(651)779-3354 (voice)
Please contact 10 days prior to the event.

Written Communications

All departments that develop, use and/or purchase written materials for distribution to the public will ensure that each document contains a statement indicating that alternative formats will be provided upon request. Written Notification: The following statement must be included on all new materials and must be added to existing materials when they are reprinted. Preprinted materials in use prior to preprinting shall have a label attached that contains the following:

This material can be given to you in alternative format if you call 651.779.3354.

Sign Language Interpreting

Definition: Interpreters are professionals who facilitate communication between hearing individuals and people who are deaf or hard of hearing. The role of the interpreter is similar to that of a foreign language translator: to bridge the communication gap between two parties.

Reguesting Services: Students requiring sign language interpretation should request services in advance of class. The Access Center requests 2 weeks notice for interpretation of a class and five business days to arrange interpretation for a meeting. The Access Center will attempt to schedule an interpreter when less notice is provided, but reserves the right to reschedule meetings or delay services if this is not possible.

Notice of Absence: Students are responsible for notifying the Access Center as soon as possible when the student will be absent from a class or meeting. If a student is absent for three class periods and/or meetings in a semester without notifying the Access Center, interpreting services may be discontinued. The student must meet with the Access Center to appeal suspension of services.