Digital Fabrication Laboratory (Fab Lab)

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From idea to reality

Our Digital Fabrication Laboratory (Fab Lab), located on Century College’s East campus, is a “hi-tech tinkers” workshop for inventors and people who have a need to design, prototype and build things.

In our lab, individuals who can envision an idea, have access to a variety of technologies which allow them to produce an end product through the use of computer-aided design and desktop manufacturing technologies.

The Fab Lab is available to Century students, faculty and staff.

Lab equipment

The lab is equipped with open source CAD/CAM software, allowing people to design and manufacture products.

Fab Lab equipment includes:

  • a laser engraver
  • mini-mills - 2 Sherlines & 1 Modela
  • vinyl sheet/sign cutter
  • 3D powder-based rapid prototyping machine
  • ShopBot (4’ X 8’ CNC Router)
  • and a host of hand tools and bench top machines

It is possible to “make almost anything” in our lab, ranging from small electronic circuits to full-sized boats, and even small modular cabins.

Fab Lab Steps to Getting Started

Step one (What you need to do before you arrive)

  • Have a clear idea of what you would like to make, whether it’s a prototype or a final product.
  • Contact us to schedule a time to use the Fab Lab.
  • Bring the raw materials you’ll need to fabricate your final product.

Step two (What we'll do here together)

  • We'll talk through the basics of your idea and what steps you’ll take to make it.
  • We'll teach you how to safely use the digital fabrication machines.

Step three (What you'll do here)

  • You'll create your product!

Local to global connection

Our Fab Lab is part of a global network of other labs that share ideas and resources. Named by MIT professor Neil Gershenfeld, Fab Labs are the leading edge of the personal manufacturing revolution.

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For more information, contact Fab Lab Director Scott Simenson
at 651.779.3236.