Financial Aid for Consortium Agreements

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Century College Students Taking Courses at Another School

Occasionally, students may need to take a course or courses for their degree or certificate program through another college or university. The Consortium Agreement is a process where a student can add credits from another institution (Host School) to the credits or enrollment at Century College (Home School) in an effort to increase their credit load and possibly the amount of financial aid.

Century College agrees to accept the credits taken at the host school on the same basis as courses it offers. The course or courses taken at the host school will be counted toward the student’s enrollment level for the purpose of calculating financial aid eligibility. The student is responsible for paying the host school for any tuition and fees owed to that school by the published tuition deadline date for the semester.

Host School is a MnSCU School

As part of the MnSCU organization, Century College students are encouraged to complete the Financial Aid Consortium Agreement for MnSCU School form. Students who choose not to complete this form are strongly encouraged to contact the Financial Aid office, 651.779.3305 or to ensure accurate and timely consortium processing.

Host School is not a MnSCU School

  • Meet with a Century College Academic Advisor/Counselor to determine which classes are needed
  • Register for appropriate classes at the college that you plan to take the classes
  • Complete the Financial Aid Consortium Agreement for Non-MnSCU School form
    • Requires Host School Financial Aid Office Signature
    • Requires Century College Academic Advisor/Counselor Signature
  • Submit completed form to Century College Financial Aid Office (W2201)


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