Student Employment Options

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Types of Student Employment

There are three types of student employment programs: federal, state, and campus. To be eligible, you must have submitted a FAFSA and been awarded financial aid by Century College. You must be admitted to the college and be enrolled in an academic program. In addition, you must maintain satisfactory academic progress as outlined by the Financial Aid Office and you must remain enrolled for at least 6 credits or more each term of employment.

How to View Current Student Employment Opportunities

The following are two ways to find more information on current student employment opportunities:

  1. Go to myServices in your myCentury portal and look under "Student Employment".
  2. Look at the postings on the Student Employment Job Board (located next to the Financial Aid Office window).

How to Apply for Student Employment

  1. Submit a FAFSA and complete the financial aid application process until you receive a notice telling you your Award Letter is ready to view online.
  2. Request an interview for a student employment position by contacting the hiring supervisor listed on the job posting.
  3. Once you have been offered a position, obtain a Student Employment Packet from the Financial Aid Office.
  4. Complete the Student Employment Packet and submit it to Financial Aid with the acceptable I-9 documents.
  5. Wait to receive a Student Employment Allocation Notice from Financial Aid before starting to work. This will authorize work in a particular department at a specific pay rate for a designated earning amount and period of time. You will be paid bi-weekly by submitting completed timesheets.

Student Employment Handbook

For more information, download a copy of the Student Employment Handbook.