Unusual Circumstances

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Financial Aid — Unusual Circumstances

If your family's financial situation changes after you have submitted the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), or if you feel that the results from the FAFSA don't fully represent your family's financial situation, contact Century's Financial Aid Office and let us know your circumstances.

Death, separation, divorce, unemployment, loss of employment, military service, nursing home expenses, unusual medical care expenses, significant college costs for dependent student's parent attending college, tuition expenses for children attending a private elementary or high school, or loss of non-taxable income or benefits are all examples of unusual circumstances that may affect your financial aid eligibility.

Our staff will help you determine if your circumstances warrant changing the FAFSA results and what documentation may be necessary to make the changes. (Please note that staff must have very compelling reasons to use professional judgment to make adjustments because of unusual circumstances.)