Honors Program

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Honors Program

Honors is for motivated students who want to make the most of their college education. Honors courses are taught seminar-style and limited to 16, so students are more engaged in the classroom and get to know their instructors and peers.

Courses do not necessarily involve more work, but a different approach to the material, using primary sources, experiential learning such as field research, service-learning, and more.

NOTE: Admission to Honors courses requires a 3.5 GPA, college-level placement, and completion of any course prerequisites.

Special 2015-16 Honors Pre-Launch Year Incentive

Students earning an A or B in an Honors course and maintaining a 3.5 GPA overall for the semester receive a $100 award* and guaranteed admission to Honors in Fall 2016*

*Qualifying students may earn one award each semester during the academic year.

2015-16 Honors Course Offerings

Fall 2015

COMM 1051 Intercultural Communication T/TH 11 am-12:15 pm
MNTC Goals 1, 8
Professor Jon Wendt

Study cultural differences and how they affect communication and cause misunderstanding. Are people really different from one another or are they basically alike? Topics include the role of culture in human behavior; references to a wide range of specific cultural groups; cultural aspects of domestic and international business; issues in refugee/immigrant resettlement and adaptation; and intercultural relationships. Materials/activities include reading, films, class discussions, group events, personal interviews.

ENGL 2043 Literature and Film T/TH 9:30-10:45 am
MNTC Goals 6
Professor Dana LeMay

This college literature course, intended for all students, will analyze and explore Literature and Film. Students will explore written and visual texts in order to understand the scope and variety of the human experience. Students will read, discuss, and analyze narrative texts as expressions of the human experience. Some attention will be given to film terminology and techniques.

Spring 2016

ENGL1022.16 Composition II T/H 9:30-10:45 am
MNTC Goal 1
Instructor: Scott Guenthner

This college composition course emphasizes sustained interpretive and analytical writing as well as the techniques of academic research using literature and other texts as the basis for composition. Students will apply critical thinking and practice evaluating and integrating primary and secondary sources in their writing. This honors section will examine issues of poverty in our community and literature. Our work will include a poverty experience through St. Stephen's "A Day in the Life" program. This will require students to set aside a day in January from 9 am to 3:30 pm. This opportunity will require an additional $30.00 course fee.

SOC 1020 Introduction to Sociology
MNTC Goals 5, 7
Professor Susannah Dolance

This course is a survey of sociology's major theoretical perspectives and research methods. Basic concepts include culture, socialization, groups, organizations, deviance, social institutions, change, and inequalities based on class, race, and gender. The course explains how sociological research is conducted using concepts, theories, and methods as well as the significance of a global perspective for understanding social behavior.

This honors section of the course will have a focus on the causes of poverty and inequality in our community in the Twin Cities and social change initiatives being undertaken to address them.


For more information, contact Janice Milner at 651.779.3460 or
Debbie Engelen-Eigles at 651.779.3451.