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Honors Program

Century College's Honors Program offers a unique opportunity for talented students to excel and fulfill their educational goals. Courses are designed for accelerated learners and facilitated by talented and dedicated faculty who represent various disciplines at the college.


As a member of our unique group of scholars, you will have access to small, seminar-like classes (16 students maximum) and the opportunity to work with other highly-motivated students.

Honors courses offer:

  • challenging opportunities for intellectual and personal growth
  • advantages for acceptance and transfer to other institutions
  • definite leverage when applying for scholarships, grants or loans.

As you plan for your future, consider Century College's Honors Program as a wonderful opportunity to enhance and broaden your academic potential. You may choose one or multiple courses.

Spring '15 Honors Course

ENGL 1022.16 Composition II T/H 9:30-10:45 am
3 Credits; MNTC Goal 1
Instructor: Scott Guenthner

This college composition course emphasizes sustained interpretive and analytical writing as well as the techniques of academic research using literature and other texts as the basis for composition. Students will apply critical thinking and practice evaluating and integrating primary and secondary sources in their writing. This honors section will examine issues of poverty in our community and literature. Our work will include a poverty experience through St. Stephen's "A Day in the Life" program. This will require students to set aside a day in January from 9:00 am to 3:30 pm. This opportunity will require an additional $30.00 course fee.


For more information, contact Janice Milner at 651.779.3460 or
Debbie Engelen-Eigles at 651.779.3451.