Learning Communities

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A learning community consists of two sections of Century College courses having the same students. The teachers of these sections work together to coordinate what you're learning.

Courses offered

Learning Community courses are available to students with any level of Assessment score placement.

  • Reading 80 is paired with college readiness courses (including one featuring an African American student focus and one featuring Math 10).
  • Reading 90 is paired with a course in Communication, English or college readiness (including one featuring an African American student focus, one featuring Math 10, and one featuring Careers in Criminal Justice).
  • English 1021 (Composition I) is paired with a course in Communication and college readiness.
  • Interpersonal Communication is paired with Careers in Criminal Justice.

Student Testimonials

“I have enjoyed every minute. I learned so much that helped me in my education. I have accomplished many things that will help me become an independent, successful student.” – Muna Ahmed

“It’s a great opportunity to learn more about what goes on in the world. It helps you get ready for college-level work. If I had the chance to do it again, I would.” – Nicole Rodgerson

“It’s a very good idea to think about signing up for these courses in the future because it’s very helpful to keep up in your classes.” – Johnny Yang


Current students

  • Select a learning community that fits the course from your placement scores.
  • Find the LCOM subject area on the registration webpage for Fall 2013.
  • Find the correct learning community and section to fit your class schedule.
  • Add it to your wish list, click 'Continue to Review My Plan' and register for it. You’re done! It’s that simple!

Future students

  • Go to the Century College website to register for a new student orientation.
  • Select which learning community fits your assessment score placement.
  • When you come to orientation, a counselor will help you register.