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What are Online and Blended Course Sections?


Course materials are presented over the internet, using the web-based software Desire2Learn (D2L). The instructors will use D2L to give assignments, answer questions, lead discussions, etc.

Please note: Century's online courses are not independent-study courses. You should expect to interact with the instructor and your peers. It is our goal to make your online learning experience effective, as well as enjoyable. Like any course, you'll get as much out of this learning experience as you are willing to put into it.

It is important to login to D2L and your course by the first day of class or you may be withdrawn from the course. Click here for more info about Century College's withdraw and refund policies.

There are three different ways that courses are offered online:

  • Online – Completely Online with No Synchronous Components: This is the most common type of online class. All of the instruction is delivered online without any required meetings on campus.
  • Online – Completely Online with Synchronous Meetings: These courses will have specific times that students must meet online. The notes will specify the times or the instructor will inform you. Often more than one option is offered.
  • Predominently Online Course: These courses are predominately online but may have one or two required meetings on campus and/or may have students take proctored exams with someone supervising. The meetings or exams may not necessarily have to be at Century.

Proctor Exams

If your course requires proctored exams, you will be able to take them at Century College for no additional cost. If you are looking for other test proctoring sites, Minnesota Online provides a list. Fees may be incurred if you request proctoring at a different site other than Century College.


These course sections are partially online and are also called Blended Online and Campus-Based. A significant portion of the course is delivered using the internet. The course does have scheduled times that it meets on campus as well. The course schedule will list the days/times the course meets on campus.

How do I find Online and Blended Sections?

  • Click Search Courses.
  • Under the Basic Search function, choose a delivery mode–either online or hybrid classroom/online online (blended).
  • Delivery mode is indicated following each course listing, and is also included in the "Notes" section of the full course description.

Should I take an Online or Blended Class?

SmarterMeasure is a web-based assessment tool for determining your level of readiness for taking online or blended courses. You’ll be asked questions about your personality, technical knowledge, and learning style. The assessment will also check your reading comprehension, keyboarding ability, and your computer system. The assessment takes about 20 minutes. After completion, you'll receive a report with customized feedback and targeted resources itemizing your strengths and weaknesses in preparation for online learning.


  • Username: centurystudent
  • Password: century

How do I get started?

For tips and info, begin with our Online Learning Guide.

NOTE: We encourage you to come to a short session on D2L. Our next D2L sessions will be held at the beginning of spring semester 2015.

We encourage you to attend a short session on D2L in our computer labs.

D2L Info Sessions – 2015

Date 8–8:30 am 11–11:30 am 2–2:30 pm 5–5:30 pm 8–8:30 pm
Mon 1/12 ---- W3120 W3120 E1730 ----
Tues 1/13 E1730 W3120 W3120 ---- ----
Wed 1/14 ---- W3120 ---- ---- E1733
Thurs 1/15 ---- ---- W3120 ---- ----
Fri 1/16 E1730 ---- ---- ---- ----
Tues 1/20 ---- W3120 ---- E1730 ----
Wed 1/21 E1730 ---- ---- ---- E1733
Thurs 1/22 ---- ---- W3120 ---- ----
Fri 1/23 ---- W3120 ---- ---- ----
Room E1730 & E1731 is on the E. campus, 1st floor.
Rooms W3130 & W3140 are on W. Campus, 3rd floor.

What is Desire2Learn?

Desire2Learn (D2L) is used by many instructors at Century, even if the class is not offered online. D2L is a web-based system that can be used by instructors for sharing content, leading discussions, posting grades, allowing students to upload assignments, and more.

D2L login

D2L Support


For more information about online learning, contact Mike Mendez at 651.779.3447.