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Graduation Checklist

Please Note: You must apply to graduate in order for your award to be reflected on your transcript. 

Graduation applications should be submitted during your last semester at Century College by the deadline:

  • Fall 2015 - December 4
  • Spring 2016 - April 1
  • Summer 2016 - July 29

Applications received after the deadline will be processed in the next term.

Confirm that you have met all of your degree requirements by getting a Degree Audit Report (DARS) and verify the following:

  • Your degree/major and catalog year are listed correctly. Requirements may change from year to year.
  • Transcripts from other colleges/universities have been received and evaluated, including 916/Career and Tech Center.
  • Make sure previous grades of Incomplete are now graded.
  • Confirm completion of any internships, externships, or clinicals.
  • All academic petitions are recorded on your DARS.
  • Confirm that your account is paid up by checking for any holds on your account.
  • Compare with your unofficial transcript that any repeated courses are noted or complete a Repeat of Course form.

If your DARS does not reflect you have met all of the program requirements or if you have any questions, please meet with a Century academic advisor, counselor, or your program advisor to review your DARS report. Contact the Graduation Evaluator 651.779.3294 if you have questions about applying to graduate.

Processing Timelines

Century College adheres to a "60-Day limit to process graduation" policy. This means that you must make sure that your graded transfer credits and academic petitions are completed and available for the Graduation Evaluator. (The 60 days begins at the end of the semester.) The graduation evaluation process begins after the all term grades are posted.

If the information needed to process your application is not received in time, your application to graduate could be delayed to the next semester.

  • You will be notified by mail when your diploma is ordered or if you have not met program requirements.
  • You may view your degree notation on your unofficial transcript online at Century College eServices.
  • Your degree document will be mailed to you within 12-14 weeks after grades are posted.

Apply to Graduate

Click here to apply to graduate. Please complete the online graduation application. You can also navigate to the application, by logging in to your myCentury account. Then go to Self-Service on the menu on the left and select Apply to Graduate. Complete and submit the online form by the deadline.

Previous students: If you no longer have access to your myCentury account click here to print the form and submit it to the Records Office Room 2220, West Campus.

Note: If you are a spring graduate, do not assume that you have actually graduated because you attended the ceremony. Your official award occurs after spring grades are posted and you graduation application has been evaluated.


  • Catalog requirements older than 6 years cannot be used for a degree program.
  • Technical credits older than 5 years cannot be used as career credit for a diploma or certificate, only as elective credits.
  • Diplomas and other correspondence are mailed to the address given on the graduation application form, and the name listed in the computer system, UNLESS a student change of information form is submitted.
  • Name changes require valid identification (see back of change form for details) and must be done in person at the Records Office.

Document replacement

  • You may replace your degree document by calling 651.779.3228. (Requires a $25 fee.)