Interactive Degree Audit (DARS)

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Degree Audit Reporting System (DARS)

View your interactive degree audit at no cost. The Degree Audit Reporting System (DARS) provides you information about course requirements needed to complete your degree or program of study at Century.

Your DARS report shows you:

  • Courses and requirements you already completed at Century, including all Lakewood courses completed prior to Fall 1998.
  • Courses and requirements you still need to complete at Century.
  • Course options to plan your registration at Century.
  • Transfer of credit and courses and their application toward MnTC completion.
  • Approved Academic Petitions/Exceptions to requirements

Access your DARS

Log in to Century's e-Services using your STAR ID and PIN. Select Grades and Transcripts and then Interactive Degree Audit Report. You may use Century's Computer Labs, Library, Records and Registration area, and Counseling and Advising Center to view and print your DARS no cost.

Understanding Your DARS

If the degree or program of study listed at the top of your DARS is incorrect, you must update your college enrollment information by submitting the Student Change of Information Form to the Records Office.

For questions or problems related to printing your DARS, contact DARS and Transfer Student Services or 651.779.5767.

Bring your DARS to all academic advising and counseling sessions and attach a copy of your DARS to any Academic Petition. For questions about information in your DARS or fulfilling your degree requirements, contact a Century Counselor or Advisor at 651.779.3285.

Note: Some transfer credit and approved academic petitions received prior to Fall 2003 may not appear in DARS. However, this information is still part of a student's academic record at Century.


DARS staff and transfer specialists are available at:

West Campus Room 2240
Phone: 651.779.3908
Fax: 651.779.3419