Staff and Leadership Development

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Staff and leadership development is an employee-initiated learning activity geared toward meeting professional or career goals. Century College's Staff and Leadership Development Program offers opportunities for training such as college courses, CE/CT classes, and off-campus workshops/conferences.

Eligibility and Guidelines

To be eligible for Staff and Leadership Development funds, you must be in one of these bargaining units/plans, have worked at Century for at least 6 months and passed probation:

  • MNSCU Administrators
  • MAPE
  • MMA
  • MNA
  • Commissioner's Plan

Supervisors must approve the requests and release time. After supervisor's approval is obtained, the request is submitted to the Staff Development Specialist. If the supervisor refuses the request, the employee may contact the Director of Staff and Leadership Development for assistance.

Please note: Staff and Leadership Development funds will only cover workshop or conference registration fees. Funds are limited and cannot be used for:

  • fees
  • books
  • parking
  • mileage
  • memberships
  • ongoing health-related programs
  • subscriptions
  • church-related activities
  • individual travel or lodging