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Governing the Foundation

A volunteer Board of Directorscomprised of community leaders governs the Foundation. We select members based on their dedication to higher education and their commitment to strengthening the mission of Century College.

2015-16 Board of Directors



Steven Ritt

Steve Ritt

North Star Bank
Kate Christopher

Kate Christopher

Vice President
Kate Christopher

Richard Brainerd

Community Member

Paul Meschke

Paul Meschke

Nott Company


Pat Opatz

Pat Opatz*

Century College

Kate Christopher

Mike Bromelkamp

Vice Treasurer
Olsen Thielen

Peter Cordon

Peter Cordon

Community Member

Tim Deis

Tim Deis

Go East

Jill Greenhalgh

Jill Greenhalgh*

Century College
Robert Hill

Robert Hill

Robert Hill Law
Neil Johnston

Neil Johnston

Century College
Rebecca Shavlik

Rebecca Shavlik

Community Member
Rock Sherman

Rock Sherman

Great Plains Area
Managing Director

Bao Ka Vang

Bao Ka Vang

Hmong American

Val Vargas

Val Vargas

Community Member


Members Emeriti

  • Don Craighead, DHC Enterprises, Inc.
  • Gerri Hilgers, Retired, Hilgers Law Office
  • J. Keith MacKenzie, Retired, MassMutual Life Insurance Company
  • Terry Pratt, Retired, North Star Bank
  • Conrad Solberg, Forest Products Supply Co.

2015-16 Board of Directors Meeting Schedule

Meeting times (unless otherwise noted): 9 –10:30 am

  • Thursday, September 17
  • Thursday, November 12
  • Thursday, January 21
  • Thursday, April 7, Board Planning Retreat
    8 am – 1 pm, TBD
  • Thursday, June 16 Annual Board Meeting,
    4:00 – 7 pm, Dellwood Country Club

2015-16 Executive Committee Meeting Schedule

All meeting times: 9 – 10:30 am

  • Thursday, August 20
  • Thursday, October 8
  • Thursday, December 10
  • Thursday, February 18
  • Thursday, May 12