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Scholarship Opportunities for 2014 – 15

A second round of Scholarships for the ITT, Nursing, Addiction Studies, Engineering and Horticulture Departments begin August 25th.

If you'd like to know how to apply for the second round of scholarships, contact Melissa Brown in the Foundation Office 651.779.3356

We are happy to streamline the process by using the STARS Online Scholarship Tracking and Review System, which helps match students to scholarships based on answers to a questionnaire that is filled out as part of the online application process. More than 100 scholarships are offered annually to Century College students.

Scholarship award amounts range from $500 to one full year tuition and books! Scholarships are offered in a number of categories such as diversity, program, service learning, honors, financial need, and more. Scholarship awards are applied directly to student tuition accounts and are prorated between the fall and spring semesters.

(Please note the STARS Online Scholarship Tracking and Review System is NOT related to the Star ID student accounts activated in March 2013.)

2013 – 14 Scholarship Recipients

2013–14 Scholarship Recipients