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The Minnesota Cooperative Admissions Program (MnCAP) is a joint partnership between the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities campus, and Century College.

When you enroll in MnCAP, you will be guaranteed transfer admission to one of the participating University of Minnesota majors, if you meet certain conditions.

MnCAP student responsibilities

  • Review the majors in the MnCAP program.
  • Explore your options and interests at Century.
  • Complete the Admissions Guarantee Form online and submit it in to the Office of Admissions, University of Minnesota.
  • Bring a copy of the MnCAP Admissions Guarantee form to the community college orientation or class registration session.
  • Work hard at Century for three to four semesters to ensure you meet requirements for admission as outlined in the guarantee.
  • Stay in contact with an adviser from the college and major you intend to transfer into at the University of Minnesota.

Conditions for guaranteed admission

  • Return the MnCAP Admissions Guarantee form to the University of Minnesota Office of Admissions during your first semester of enrollment at Century College.
  • Complete an AA degree or the Minnesota Transfer Curriculum at Century College.
  • Maintain the required minimum cumulative GPA for your intended major (varies between 2.0 and 3.0)
  • Complete appropriate prerequisites and introductory courses for intended major, with grades of C or higher.
  • Meet the priority admission application deadline for the term you wish to begin at the University of Minnesota.