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Visiting Students

Who is a Visiting Student?

Students who are currently admitted at another college or university and are not interested in completing a degree, diploma or certificate at Century College.  But you are interested in:

  • completing one course or a few courses, for example, during summer session
  • transfer those credits to the institution you are currently attending or another institution

Choose which type of visiting student you are. Each has a separate processes to register for courses.

MnSCU visiting student – attending another MnSCU college/university (see list to find your school)

  1. Log-in to eServices using your account at your current (home) MnSCU institution
  2. Select Century College from the drop down for College/University
  3. Register for your Century course using your STAR ID
  4. If you are unable to register or receive a prerequisite error message, notify Century's Transfer Student Services Office, 651-779-3908, to determine if you meet Century's assessment testing requirements and course prerequisites

Review the MnSCU Visiting Student requirements:

  • MnSCU Visiting student status is not available to individuals currently on suspension or having a financial hold at another post-secondary institution.
  • MnSCU Visiting students may be able to use financial aid from their home institution (financial aid is not available through Century College).
  • The maximum number of enrolled credits at all MnSCU system colleges and universities cannot exceed 22 in any semester.
  • The maximum number of enrolled credits as a Visiting Student at Century College is 18 credits in any semester.
  • Mnscu Visiting students must meet any required course prerequisites or placement levels.
  • MnSCU Visiting students can enroll in public courses. High demand/non-public courses are not available as well as courses in special application programs.
  • MnSCU Visiting students are not required to complete an Orientation.
  • MnSCU Visiting students are responsible to verify how the Century College course(s) transfer to current or future colleges or universities before enrolling. Course transfer is determined by your receiving institution.
  • You are responsible to pay your Century College tuition bill which can be done in your eServices account.


Visiting student not attending a MnSCU institution

(example: University of St. Thomas, University of Minnesota, Bethel University, Saint Catherine's, out of state University/College)

  1. Complete our online application($20 fee) takes as little as 10 minutes!
  2. Send Unofficial transcript(s) from your college/university
    1. Log in to your student account at your college and save transcript as a PDF
    2. E-mail PDF transcript to Century's Transfer Student Services Office
    3. Unofficial transcripts are not retained by Century College and need to be sent each semester you wish to attend.
    4. Attach the PDF transcript to the e-mail and include:
      • Full Name
      • Century Student ID#
      • E-mail Address
      • Phone Number
      • Century course/section number you intend to register for (example: PSYC 1020-01)
      • Year and term you intend to register for the course (example: Summer 2016)
    5. Or….Complete the Verification of Course Prerequisite form and submit to the Transfer Student Services Office.
    6. Purpose is to determine if you meet assessment testing requirements and course prerequisites.
    7. Your prerequisite information will be added to your Century academic record and you will be notified that you are able to register for the Century course after your online Orientation. Allow 2-3 business days for verification and processing of your course prerequisites.
    8. Call Transfer Services for assistance at 651.779.3908, e-mail, Fax: 651.779.3419
  3. Complete the Online Orientation for assistance call the Orientation office at 651.779.3404 or e-mail
  4. Register for your Century course in your Student eServices Account
  5. After you complete the course request a Century transcript to be sent to your college/university.