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Century's Student Ambassadors

Century's Student Ambassadors are a group of exceptional leaders, dedicated to assisting future students and their family members through the orientation and registration experience. They are eager to meet you and help you learn more about Century College!


St. Paul, MN

Associate of Arts
Advice: A lot of resources are free, take advantage of them!

Maplewood, MN

Chemical Engineering
Advice: Get to know people in your classes. They are your best resource and support!

Mimi, Thailand

Marketing Management
Advice: When you need a break from homework, take a walk on the Wood Duck Trail to refresh your mind!

Ella, Detroit, MI

Criminal Justice
Advice: Going to the reading and writing centers have been highly successful for me!

Renee, St. Paul, MN

Associate of Arts
Advice: Century is a great place to grow and find out who you are. The Counseling Center can really help you find your path as well.

Randra, Madagascar

Graphic Design
Advice: Both campuses have a coffee shop if you ever need a picker-upper.

Dario, Honduras

Associate of Arts
Advice: Join the Spanish Club and explore other cultures.

Anita, St. Paul, MN

Individualized Studies
Advice: There's always someone willing to help you–you just need to ask.

Joe, Stillwater, MN

Office Assistant Certificate
Advice: Come to class prepared and ready to learn.

Nayla, Indonesia

Advice: Immerse yourself–Century offers more to learn than just academics.

For More Info

Are you interested in becoming a Student Ambassador? Click here to download more information about the position responsibilities and hiring process. Applications are available in January of each year.

Aarin Distad, 651.747.4051, office W1233