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Computer Information Systems

Delivery: A mix of daytime, evening and online courses
Start: Fall, Spring, or Summer; Full- or Part-Time

Computer Information Systems — Associate in Science Degree (60 credits)

About the Program

This degree starts the student on the path to becoming an information systems professional. Coursework is designed to develop your analytical and problem-solving skills, in conjunction with gaining broad-based, hands-on programming experience and proficiency. This program has been designed to equip you to transfer into a typical baccalaureate Information Systems degree program.

Specific transfer plans, with the college of choice, should be made as early in the degree as possible to ensure an appropriate program is planned for enrollment at Century and at the four-year school.

Articulation Agreements

Articulation agreements provide students with educational plans that help them transfer into four-year colleges and universities.

Potential Job Titles

Computer & Information Systems Managers (with bachelor's degree)

Salary Data

  • Computer & Information Systems Managers (with bachelor's degree)
    Average Wage: $58.92/hour
    Top Earners: $81.16/hour
(seven county metro area -

Learning Outcomes

Computer Information Systems - AS 60 Credits

  • Perform computer information systems analysis activities to include troubleshooting, systems monitoring, and computer information systems analysis activities.
  • The ability to function and communicate effectively as ethically and socially responsible computer information systems professionals.
  • Design, write, test, and debug computer programs written in contemporary structured and object-oriented languages.
  • Ability to develop algorithms which underlie common programming tasks.
  • Prepared to transfer into a typical four-year Computer Information Systems degree program.
  • Correctly implement given specifications when writing programs.

Program Prerequisites

Assessment score placement in MATH 1025 or above, or completion of MATH 0070 with a grade of C or higher and assessment score placement in RDNG 1000, or completion of RDNG 0090 with a grade of C or higher.

Contact Information

Admissions Office 651.773.1700 Room 2350 West
Advising & Counseling Center 651.779.3285 Ask Century Room 2410 West
Financial Aid Office 651.779.3305 Room 2320 West

Program Contact Information

Brian Downs651.779.3490brian.downs@century.eduRoom 3076 West
Michael Gaffney651.779.3945michael.gaffney@century.eduRoom 3077 West
Robert Niemann651.779.3252robert.niemann@century.eduRoom 3075 West