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Visual Communications Technologies

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Delivery: A mix of daytime and evening courses
Start: Fall or Spring: Full- or Part-Time

3D Animation (VCT) — Associate in Applied Science Degree (60 credits)
3D Animation (VCT) — Diploma (48 credits)
Advanced 3D Animation (VCT) — Certificate (12 credits)
Filmmaking and Video Production (VCT) — Associate in Applied Science Degree (60 credits)
Filmmaking and Video Production (VCT) — Diploma (48 credits)
Graphic Design (VCT) — Associate in Applied Science Degree (60 credits)
Graphic Design (VCT) — Diploma (48 credits)
Photography (VCT) — Associate in Applied Science Degree (60 credits)
Photography (VCT) — Diploma (48 credits)
Web Design (VCT) — Associate in Applied Science Degree (60 credits)
Web Design (VCT) — Diploma (48 credits)
Visual Communications Assistant (VCT) — Certificate (16 credits)

About the Program

The Visual Communications Technology program prepares students for career fields involving the delivery of messages in visual forms. The Visual Communications Assistant certificate is a fundamental certificate which will acquaint you with the industry by exploring industry professional concepts, while obtaining essential foundational skills. In addition the program offers awards in 3D animation, filmmaking and video production, graphic design, photography, and web design.

Articulation Agreements

Articulation agreements provide students with educational plans that help them transfer into four-year colleges and universities.

Potential Job Titles

Animators and Multi-media Artists (with bachelor’s degree)
Film and Video Editors (with bachelor’s degree)
Graphic Designers (with bachelor's degree)

Salary Data

  • Animators and Multi-media Artists (with bachelor's degree)
    Average Wage: $26.17/hour
    Top Earners: $37.83/hour
  • Film and Video Editors (with bachelor's degree)
    Average Wage: $23.53/hour
    Top Earners: $39.93/hour
  • Graphic Designers
    Average Wage: $24.04/hour
    Top Earners: $38.68/hour
  • Photographers
    Average Wage: $22.34/hour
    Top Earners: $39.80/hour
(seven county metro area -

Learning Outcomes

Visual Communications Assistant (VCT) - Certificate 16 credits

  • Demonstrate visual communication industry standard effective communication and collaboration skills.
  • Generate communication solutions for business needs.

Related Programs

Marketing Communications Technology
3D Animation (Visual Communications Technologies)
Filmmaking & Video Production (Visual Communications Technologies)
Graphic Design (Visual Communications Technologies)
Photography (Visual Communications Technologies)
Web Design (Visual Communications Technologies)
Art – Associate in Fine Arts Degree

Gainful Employment Program Information

Contact Information

Admissions Office 651.773.1700 Room 2350 West
Advising & Counseling Center 651.779.3285 Ask Century Room 2410 West
Financial Aid Office 651.779.3305 Room 2320 West

Program Contact Information

Mike Eddy (Video)651.773.1753mike.eddy@century.eduRoom 2404 East
John Kothera (Graphic Design)651.779.5773john.kothera@century.eduRoom 2403 East
Gary Ruggles (Interactive Media &
3D Animation)
651.779.3421gary.ruggles@century.eduRoom 2405 East
Holly Borrelli(Photography)651.773.1754Holly.Borrelli@century.eduRoom 2402 East