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Delivery: A mix of daytime, evening, Saturday, and online courses
Start: Fall or Spring Semester, Full- or Part-Time

Liberal Arts and Sciences – Associate in Arts Degree (60 Credits)
Minnesota Transfer Curriculum – MnTC

About the Discipline

Century's Mathematics Department offers quality courses to meet your educational needs, including:
  • Developmental coursework for college-level mathematics courses.
  • Program-specific courses that satisfy the mathematics requirements of degree technical programs offered at Century.
  • College-level courses that meet general education requirements and successfully transfer to four-year universities in Minnesota and across the United States.
  • College-level courses that meet the lower division mathematics requirements for students majoring in mathematics, natural science, chemistry, biology, engineering, computer science, business, or mathematics education.
The scope of each area is broad, stretching from prehistoric times to the frontiers of cyberspace. In each course, you'll have the opportunity to discuss and analyze representative creative works from both a historical and a cultural context.

Department Points of Pride

Our Mathematics Resource Center offers free, walk-in assistance with Math coursework as well as a place to study. The center is staffed by professionals with mathematics degrees who are assisted by student tutors from advanced mathematics courses. In addition, our Mathematics Resource Center offers extended evening hours and is also open on Saturdays.

For three consecutive years (2004-06), Century Mathematics students earned first place in the state of Minnesota in the Student Mathematics League Contest of the American Mathematical Association of Two-Year Colleges (AMATYC). They also earned first place in the Central Region of the United States.

Century's Mathematics faculty are experts at using technology as well as alternate teaching strategies, such as collaborative, group, and discovery learning, and the use of numerous mathematics-related software programs such as Mathematica, Derive, Maple, and Minitab. Examples of the outstanding achievements of the Mathematics faculty include:
  • In 2005, Joyce Gwizdala received Century's Outstanding Faculty Award for her work in the classroom and service to the college.
  • Carol Purcell received the Golden Apple Award from Phi Theta Kappa in 2006. (Faculty are nominated by their students.)
  • At the 2006 AMATYC national conference, Brian Peterman had the highest score in the Faculty Mathematics Contest.


Each year, the Century College Foundation awards a scholarship (fully funded by Mathematics Department members) to an outstanding Century College student who excels in Mathematics.

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Contact Information

Admissions Office 651.773.1700 Room 2350 West
Advising & Counseling Center 651.779.3285 Ask Century Room 2410 West
Financial Aid Office 651.779.3305 Room 2320 West

Discipline Contact Information

Pat Byrnes (651) 748-5324 W 3410
Amy Canavan (651) 779-3449 W 3411
Daniel Ghebresilassie (651) 779-3463 W 3381
John Gingerich (651) 748-5325 W 3409
Peter Gits (651) 779-3491 W 3324
Joyce Gwizdala (651) 779-3382 W 3327
Mary Hart (651) 779-3376 W 3320
Beth Hentges (651) 779-3377 W 3322
David Her (651) 779-3375 W 3315
Kenneth Hoffmann (651) 747-4029 W 3071
Stewart Hunt (651) 779-3387 W 3333
Brian Jenson (651) 779-3378 W 3326
Dottie Johnson (651) 779-3464 W 3381
Ed Kruszka (651) 779-3383 W 3328
Phil Lamb (651) 779-3463 W 3381
Marc Loken (651) 747-4029 W 3071
Gerry Naughton (651) 779-3384 W 3329
Roger Olson (651) 779-3379 W 3332
Lowell Palecek (651) 779-3463 W 3381
Brian Peterman (651) 779-3381 W 3384
Melissa Petrich (651) 779-3375 W 3315
Mike Raney (651) 779-3486 W 3403
Kurt Reedich (651) 779-3395 W 3385
Greg Rosik (651) 779-3380 W 3325
Delia Samuel (651) 773-1728 W 3331
Mayura Sharma (651) 779-3388 W 3383
Jerry Sievers (651) 779-5761 W 3422
Angela Simons (651) 779-3389 W 3323
Lois Thur (651) 779-5761 W 3422
Vugranam Varadachari (651) 779-3463 W 3381
William Young (651) 779-3385 W 3330