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Career Studies

Delivery: A mix of daytime, evening, and online courses
Start: Fall or Spring Semester

Liberal Arts and Sciences – Associate in Arts Degree (60 Credits)
Minnesota Transfer Curriculum – MnTC

About the Discipline

Career Studies courses provide students with decision making abilities to be successful in education, industry and life. Students are engaged in, and are guided through processes which foster the acquisition of both self and world knowledge. Through applying career-related knowledge to their individual situations, students also develop critical thinking skills, which enable them to live more efficient and productive lives.

CRRS 1005, 1 credit
This course guides students in the general exploration of appropriate career and educational options. Through assessment of interests, personality, skills, and values, students will examine themselves and explore their personal, career, and educational goals.

CRRS 1010, 2 credits
This course guides students through the lifelong career exploration and decision-making process, using various career planning strategies and resources. It includes an examination of individual strengths, personality types, interests, values, and skills. Student will explore the world of work, examine educational options, and establish specific goals. The course presents processes for determining what gives meaning to students’ lives and integrating the work role with other life roles.

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Karen Machlica (651) 779-3331 W 2411
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Lynn Mensing (651) 779-3285 W 2410
Marlys Moen (651) 779-3404 W 1230
Charlotte Nordstrom (651) 779-3337 W 2408
Shanae Phillips (651) 779-3223 W 2403
Frank Schultz (651) 773-1740 W 2423
Janet Wacker (651) 779-3302 W 2408
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