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The Muskie Tank Challenge

Grand Prize: Full-Year Scholarship Award*

Is your goal to change the world? To make a lot of money? Do you have an innovative new idea for a business or an invention that could lead to fame and fortune?

Welcome to the Muskie Tank, a program inspired by the ABC TV show, "The Shark Tank"™. The goal of the Muskie Tank is to foster innovation and entrepreneurship among Century College students. The program involves different phases, taking place over several months.

Awards* include:

  • One full tuition Scholarship to Century, including tuition, books, and fees, not to exceed the value of $5,000 (or, if student chooses to attend a four-year university/college, the value of the award will not exceed $5000 in tuition, fees and books.)
  • Four $1000 scholarship awards (Value of award will go towards tuition, books, and fees, not to exceed the value of $1,000.)
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Get Started!

Phase I introduces you to the program and includes networking with business experts, who will present ideas related to innovation and entrepreneurship. You'll then create a concept for a new business, submit a business proposal, which is then examined and critiqued by a panel of experts.

Next Steps

Students with the most innovative plans will be selected to participate in the Muskie Tank main event--when a panel of business and industry entrepreneurs and experts (Muskies) will evaluate the proposals.

The Muskies will present the best entrepreneurial ideas with cash awards and scholarships.

Application Info

  1. Log into D2L and self-register to the Muskie Tank Challenge.
  2. Complete the Muskie Tank application in D2L.
  3. Post video, images, documents in D2L for your Muskie Tank project for the judges to review.
  4. If you need help, review this helpful D2L guide


For more information, contact Sue, 651.773.1792