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Muskie Tank Challenge Winners

The Muskie Tank Challenge

History & Overview

The Muskie Tank Challenge, now in its third year, is a program inspired by the ABC TV show, "The Shark Tank"™. The goal of the Challenge is to foster innovation and entrepreneurship among Century students, and to encourage creative students to start their own successful businesses.

This is a great opportunity for Century students to get support and advice from local entrepreneurs, business leaders and Century faculty.

Grand Prize: Full-Year Scholarship Award

Thanks to the generosity of our local business professionals, our awards include:

  • One full tuition Scholarship to Century, including tuition, books, and fees, not to exceed the value of $5,000 (or, if student chooses to attend a four-year university/college, the value of the award will not exceed $5000 in tuition, fees and books.)
  • Four $1000 scholarship awards (Value of award will go towards tuition, books, and fees, not to exceed the value of $1,000.)
  • Top finalists – $100 gift card.

Mission Statement

The Muskie Tank is a scholarship program to create a positive learning experience for students to learn how innovation evolves and how to innovate. Innovation is the mother of the creation of wealth.

Get Started!

When you commit to the challenge, we'll help you meet business experts and mentors who will help you along the way!

  1. Create your own new business concept using your innovative idea. Make sure to do your research and ensure that your idea hasn't been done before.
  2. Your new business concept will be submitted (later) as a business proposal to be reviewed by a team of Muskie Tank judges.
  3. Your proposal will be analyzed and critiqued by the same team.
  4. The team will determine if your business concept is one of the best 5 ideas of the competition based on its potential to be a big success story.
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2015-16 Muskie Tank Timeline

Be sure to attend the following events to gather information and get trained to be successful in this competition. Also, make sure you meet with a mentor or a faculty member, who will guide you through the process.

  • August 19 – Muskie Tank faculty Kick-off sessions
  • September 22 – Student Success Day — Muskie tank Student Kick-off Sessions – 11-11:50 am, West Theatre
  • November 17 – "Jumpstarting Your Muskie Tank Application" – TBD
  • January 21 – Training Session with Q & A, Coaching and Mentoring – TBD
  • February 10 – Student Success Day, Best Practices & Patent Attorney Sessions – TBD
  • February 29 – Monday, 11:59 pm, Student proposals due on D2L Brightspace, including attachments
  • March 3 – First Round - Judges begin reviewing applications
  • March 10 – Top proposals - selected students notified to prepare presentations for April 19
  • April 5 – Notifications letters sent to top finalists with presentation appointment time
  • April 19 – Selected finalists present proposals to judges; top 5 ideas selected and phone calls made to top 5
  • April 21 – Awards Ceremony Breakfast/Futures in Bloom – 7:45 am, Lincoln Mall

Application Info

  1. Log into D2L Brightspace and self-register to the Muskie Tank Challenge, and complete the Muskie Tank application.
  2. Attend one of the training sessions listed in the Muskie Tank Timeline.
  3. Connect with a mentor. (For more info, see Muskie Tank D2L Brightspace website or the schedule posted in E1705.)
  4. On the Muskie Tank D2L website, click "Drop Box" at the top of the page, and post video, images, documents for your project by March 2, 2016.
  5. If you need help, review this D2L Brightspace guide


For more information, contact Sue, 651.773.1792. Mentoring help is available upon request.