Public Safety

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Star Alert

StarAlert is a text and e-mail messaging service the college uses in the event of campus closures or delays during emergency events.

The StarAlert service provider has changed and students and staff need to sign up with the new service provider.

Sign-up is online in the myCentury portal, go to

Safety and Training Compliance

An essential component of our overall program, we strive to comply with all mandatory safety requirements set by state and Federal OSHA. We use MasteryNet Training System™, an online program, to provide new employee, annual and periodic safety refresher training, and department-level training at Century.

Severe Weather

During severe weather, individuals are encouraged to move indoors and seek shelter in areas providing the best cover, including stairwells without skylights, lower building levels and away from windows. Other safe areas include restrooms and rooms without windows.

Lost and Found

  • East Campus Lost and Found (E1392), 651.747.4000
  • West Campus Lost and Found, Bookstore (W1320), 651.773.1755

Mission Statement

We will continuously provide the best possible service for all Century College employees and students through:

  • A positive safety attitude
  • Promoting safety and health awareness
  • Training and compliance with all Federal and State Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) laws and regulations.


Campus Security, 651.747.4000 or Ext. 4000
(located on East Campus, Rm E1392)

Mark Holper, Director, Public Safety And Administrative Services
East Campus, Rm E1646, 651.779.5834

Kevin Wriskey, Safety Administrator
East Campus, Rm E1392, 651.747.4001, fax: 651.779.3269