Public Safety - Fire Safety Procedures

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Equipment Location and Procedures

All faculty, staff and students are responsible for knowing the location of fire alarm pull stations, fire extinguishers and exits.

If you see or smell smoke, pull the nearest fire alarm, leave the building, and call Campus Security at 651.747.4000. Be prepared to:

  • Provide the location of the fire, including room number, if known.
  • Provide your name, title and phone number.
  • Stay on the line until Campus Security tells you it's okay to hang up.
  • Remain in the vicinity to provide info to the White Bear Lake/Mahtomedi Fire Department.

Fire Alarm Activation

When a fire alarm as been activated:

  • Evacuate the building immediately; anyone not leaving may be suject to disciplinary action
  • Close all doors, including fire doors leading to stairwell landing; do not lock doors
  • Check doors for heat before opening; open slowly and check for smoke
  • Do not use elevators – power failure may cause elevators to stop between floors

Additional Safety Procedures/Tips

If you're trapped in a building during a fire:

  • Place an article of clothing outside an available window as a marker for rescue personnel.
  • If no window is available, stay close to the floor where the air is less toxic, and use clothing to seal cracks around the door.
  • Shout at regular intervals to alert emergency crews to your location

NOTE: Those with disabilities/special needs, unable to move down stairwells, should move to a designated rescue area.

White Bear Lake/Mahtomedi Fire Department

The WBL/Mahtomedi Fire Department staff:

  • Can authorize an alarm reset and building re-entry.
  • Will authorize cleaning following a fire – keep area secure until then.
  • Will let you know when you may return to the building – do not return to the building until you have their go-ahead.


Kevin Wriskey, Safety Administrator
651.747.4001, fax: 651.779.3269