Public Safety - Hazardous Materials

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Safe and Responsible Handling

Century College is a Small Quantity Generator (SQG), committed to managing hazardous materials and waste in a safe, responsible manner. Our hazmat program is monitored by Century's Public Safety Department.

Century's Public Safety Director and Safety Administator have primary responsibility for:

  • Coordinating with outside agencies
  • Providing general guidance
  • Arranging for specialized assistance when needed
  • Emergency planning
  • Coordinating emergency response

Hazardous Materials Program - Key Individuals Responsible

Our college community utilizes a diverse number of hazardous materials across disciplines and in the normal operation of our campus.

We effectively utilize the expertise within various campus work groups by designating key individuals responsible for managing our hazardous materials program within their respective departments. Each designated individual ensures that personnel receive required training, inspections are completed, follow-up on open items is provided and safety procedures are coordinated in accordance with laws and regulations.


Kevin Wriskey, Safety Administrator
651.747.4001, fax: 651.779.3269