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Coach David PalmerMen's Soccer Coach David Palmer

Like the World Cup, Century Unites!

As the world turns its attention to Brazil for the FIFA World Cup, the Century College Men’s Soccer team, which finished 6th in the nation last season, will also be watching closely, and there won’t be a consensus on which teams to cheer on to victory.

The tightly-knit group is comprised of local players, as well as many international players, from Columbia, Indonesia, and Australia. Each player brings a passion for their country and uniqueness to the team.

"It is interesting to see the players from different cultures come together," notes Dave Palmer, Men’s Soccer Coach for the past five years. “Not only are there language and world view differences, but also, our international players have learned to play the game with different styles; it took time to form cohesion and a collective playing style."

Century Men's Soccer Team

Not exclusive to the soccer field, an international flavor is reflected in Century College’s classrooms and campus, as well.

"We are proud to say we have students attending Century College from over 46 countries," said Jason Cardinal, Dean of Student Services, "This provides for a dynamic population of students who bring a wealth of experience and richness into our classrooms and onto our campus."

"The College provides a unique opportunity for US and international students to learn from one another, giving them valuable experience and knowledge that will serve them well once they leave Century College," Cardinal added.

Century College Students

The same collaborative spirit will guide the Men’s Soccer team as they gear up for the fall season.

"It will be exciting to see the team interact with each other during the World Cup and listen to them cheer on their teams," says Palmer. "But when the World Cup is over and they hit the Century practice field in late summer, I know that they will come together as a collective unit to have another successful season.”