Club Status

Maintaining Your Active Club Status Through Student Senate

Monthly Check List

  • Attend Student Senate Meetings on the 2nd Wednesday of the month in room W1420 at 2:30pm (cannot miss two in a row)
  • Monthly Report- Due the Friday before the 1st Wednesday of the Month (report attached below)
  • Check mailbox in the Club Room Weekly

Semester Check List

  • Hold one campus wide activity (must be held at Century)
  • Submit list of officers and the name, address and phone number of the club advisor (deadline determined by Student Senate)
  • Submit meeting times and days to the Student Senate Director of Communications.
  • Turn in activities to Associate Director of Student life and Leadership Development to assist with promotion.
  • Volunteer at one or the following PAC events: Fall Fest (September), Fright Walk (October), Blizzard Blast (February), Games Day (April), and Wood Duck Days (May)

Yearly Check List

  • Submit any changes to the club constitution to Student Senate
  • Submit budget proposal (usually happens around November)

Does Your Club Receive More Than $1,250.00?

If your club or organization receives more than $1,250.00 via budget requests, you are required to serve on a campus wide committee. If you serve on a committee you must submit a committee report once a month.


If you have any questions about your club standing contact