Popcorn Machine Rental

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Popcorn Machine Rental

Students, faculty and staff may rent the popcorn machine for free.


  1. Contact Jenn Rassett to reserve the machine.
  2. The machine may not leave the Century College campus.
  3. When placing a reservation we will need to know:
    1. The name and contact info of the sponsoring individual/group
    2. Event location
    3. The time frame you will need the machine
    4. The number of people are expected at your event
  4. It is the reserving party’s responsibility to pick up and drop off the machine at the Connection.
  5. The popcorn machine must be cleaned upon return.


  1. Purchase your own popcorn, butter, and salt (we recommend using Sam’s Club for these items.)
  2. Popcorn can be obtained free if you're renting the maching for a student activity.
  3. Popcorn can be ordered through the Connection, if you're hosting a non-student event.

Popping Instructions

  1. Let warm up for 5 minutes.
  2. Place 1/2 cup butter and one tablespoon salt in the kettle.
  3. Place one and a half cups of popcorn kernels.
  4. When popcorn slows down, tip kettle.
  5. Wipe down lid and rim of the kettle.