Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Student Senate?

We are students who attend Century College, and together we form the official voice of Century College Students. We are always looking for new members and welcome all students who wish to join.

For more information, call 651.779.3317 or email us.

When does the Student Senate meet?

The Student Senate meets the first and third Wednesday of every month at 2:30 p.m. in the Student Club Center, room W1490 (lower level of the West Campus, across from W1485)

How do I join the Student Senate?

There are a number of ways you may join the Student Senate, and a number of levels of involvement.

To become a Senator, you must attend three consecutive meetings. On the third meeting, you become eligible to be voted in as an At-Large member that very meeting.

If you wish to participate in the election, you will be exempt from the three-meeting rule after having received enough votes. An open election is held at the beginning of fall and spring semester. To get your name on the ballot, you must fill out the required petition and turn it in by the deadline. Up to five (5) members may be elected (per semester) during the open election.

The Executive Board includes:

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Secretary
  • Director of Communications
  • Director of Information Technology
  • Director of Legislation
  • Treasurer
  • Director of Events

Elections for these positions are held the Spring prior to the year-long serving term. To apply, you must fill out the required form and turn it in by the deadline to become eligible to be voted in during the selected Senate meeting.

For more information, contact Student Senate President Barb Licht in W1490 (Student Senate office) phone at 651.779.3317 or email

What is the Planning Activities Committee?

The Planning Activities Committee(PAC)plans and runs the all campus activities (i.e. WoodDuck Days, Fright Walk, Clizzard Blast, etc) with Student Life money.

All Century College students are welcome and encouraged to join. Members are NOT required to be a part of the Student Senate.

For more information, contact Jenn Rassett, Associate Director of Student Life and Leadership Development at 651.747.4015, or visit the Connection on the West Campus.

I have an issue I'd like to bring to the Student Senate, what do I do?

The Student Senate is the platform for students' voices to be heard. Your opinion is important to us, and we want to hear from you.

To have your item placed on the agenda, make sure to contact the Student Senate President prior to the Friday before the next Senate meeting. For example, if you were to request an agenda item for a Senate meeting that falls on Wednesday, August 27, your item must be turned in the Friday prior to the meeting, August 22.

I want to start a club, so where should I begin?

If students have an idea for a new club or if they would like to re-activate one of Century's former clubs (i.e. Anthropology, Business, Creative Writing, German, Photography, Speech) they will need to follow the steps below:

  1. Survey other students to see if there is sufficient interest for your proposed club.
  2. If the club is course-related, contact people who are in that course.
  3. Find a Century College advisor, faculty, or staff member who can help with organizing and carrying out the club's long-range objectives.
  4. Bring your proposal to the Senate Office to receive information on how to put together a constitution and how to petition the Student Senate and college for recognition.
  5. After working with an advisor and other prospective members of the club, submit the constitution to the Student Senate for approval.
  6. Groups may assemble for the purpose of organizing a club but will not become eligible for any of the privileges granted to active organizations until they have been approved through the proper procedure.

*If at anytime we can be of assistance, please ask! This could seem as a difficult process, but with our help we can guide you through the process and get your club up and running sooner.*

What clubs does Century currently offer?

  • Alpha and Omega – members plan campus events and meet weekly for Bible study and fellowship. (Rich Kuss, W3393, 651.779.3314)
  • Asian Student Association - Open to everyone – assists Asian students and offers opportunities to plan a fashion/talent show, craft fair and Halloween Dance. Edward Xiong 651.748.2638 or Wen Zhao 651.748.2635)
  • Black Student Organization - Open to everyone - various events and activities (Eric Harmon 651.779.3408
  • Century College Information & Telecommunication Association – members participate in professional development events and learn about careers in the information and telecommunications field. (Scott Simenson 651.779.3236)
  • Creative Arts Alliance – members visit art centers and plan a variety of events, including pumpkin decorating, chalk-the-walk, and Raku pottery. (Ken Mackelbergh 651.779.3202)
  • DeHackers- members explore the science of computer forensics. (Israel Aladejebi 651.773.1787)
  • Dental Assistant Club – members explore careers and plan campus events. (Arlene Retzer 651.779.5778)
  • Dental Hygiene Club – members explore careers and plan campus events. (Debbie Valley 651.779.3480 or Tracy Kuny 651.779.5814)
  • Education Club- members participate in events such as Luau for Literacy and Student Voice Awards. (Andrea Coffey 747.4093 or Jennifer Helgason 779.3351)
  • Engineering Club - members explore careers and plan campus events (Timothy Grebner 651.779.3332)
  • Human Services Club- members participate in professional development opportunities and hold events to enhance the field of Human Services. (Sheila Gunderson 651.779.3452)
  • Intercultural Club - members participate in a variety of social and educational activities. (Rosie DuBose, 651.779.3452)
  • Law Enforcement Club – members explore the field by attending conferences and sponsoring Law Enforcement Week. (Kerry McIntyre 651.779.3494)
  • Math Club – members explore the math field, participate in competitions, and plan events. (John Ginderich 651.779.3988)
  • Nursing Club – nursing students plan events and explore the field of nursing. (Kerri O'Kane 651.747.4016)
  • Orthotic and Prosthetic Student Association – members plan campus picnics, wheelchair demonstrations and explore related careers.(Steve Stolberg, 651.779.3311)
  • Phi Theta Kappa - an honor's club that explores leadership. Must have a 3.5 GPA. (Wade Warner 651.779.3329, Laura Kin 651.747.4050)PTK office W1490, 651.779.3333)
  • Q & S (The Queer and the Straight) – members gather to discuss and explore GLBT issues (Julie Daniels 651.779.3364)
  • Rad Tech Club - members explore radiology as a career and plan campus events. (Laura Littleton 651.779.5814)
  • Recovery Support and Awareness- members participate in groups and activities that work with addictive behaviors (Ted Tessier 651.747.4032 or Dick Kotasek 651.779.3457)
  • Rock-It Science- members participate in events in the science arena and experiements to enhance the learning process (Bob Klindworth 651.779.3369)
  • Spanish Club - welcomes Spanish speakers and those who want to learn and plans a variety of activities, such as salsa lessons. (Liliana Weber 651.747.4039 or Marisol Galicia 651.747.4039)
  • Theatre Club – members perform readings and attend theatrical performances. (Will Slaydon 651.779.3211)
  • Veteran's Club- members participant in events to promote and support the work of our veterans. (Dennis Macklin 651.779.3453 or Bruce Legan 651.779.3453)