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Wood Duck Awards 2015

The Wood Duck Awards Program recognizes the accomplishments of Century College student organizations, student leaders, and advisors. Candidates are nominated by fellow students and advisors under one of our seven leadership awards.

Wood Duck Awards Banquet

Award winners are invited to and recognized at The Wood Duck Awards Banquet on Thursday, April 16th, 2015.

The Wood Duck Awards Banquet is also a time to recognize students who have earned certificates in Century’s GPS LifePlan Achievement Program by attending, participating in, and reflecting on specific campus GPS Workshop sets. Interested in earning a certificate? Check out our program!


Submit a nomination for one of the following leadership awards:

Outstanding Organization Advisor

Criteria — Recipient has displayed significant effort and commitment to the improvement of the organization. Criteria demonstrated the following ways:

  • Made themselves available to student leaders and members as an accessible resource for the organization’s questions
  • Provided encouragement and support for all ideas, activities, and programs
  • Allowed students to manage and shape their organizations in their own individual ways, while still providing a support system for all individuals.
  • Helped the organization reach its goals
  • Served as a positive role model, respecting all individuals involved in the organization.

Outstanding Student Organization

Criteria: — Recipient organization has made a meaningful contribution to the College through its club presence and programs. Criteria demonstrated the following ways:

  • Continuously displayed enthusiasm, creativity, and perseverance in club operation
  • Created a welcoming and inclusive club environment for individuals from varied backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives
  • Continuously collaborated with other students, clubs, and on campus departments to promote a unified campus community
  • Implemented actions to preserve and advance the future operations of the club

Student Leader of the Year

Criteria: — Recipient has significantly influenced their club or organization through formal leadership, demonstrated the following ways:

  • Provided exceptional service and commitment in the operation and organization of their club
  • Demonstrated continuous enthusiasm, creativity, and perseverance
  • Created a welcoming and inclusive club environment for all individuals
  • Willingly addressed existing problems and accepted feedback from others
  • Responded to individual needs and incorporated the strengths and talents of others in club work
  • Implemented actions to preserve and advance the future operations of the club

Behind-the-Scenes Student Leader of the Year

Criteria: — Recipient has made a significant contribution to their club or organization without holding a formal leadership position, demonstrated the following ways:

  • Dedicated participation and involvement in club activities
  • Provided leadership to the organization through action
  • Acted as a role model and motivator to peers in unexpected leadership

Outstanding Ambassador of the Year

Criteria: — Recipient has demonstrated commitment to process improvement, passion for assisting new students, and leadership growth while making significant contributions to the college’s orientation process, First Year Experience workshop series, and welcome center. Criteria demonstrated the following ways:

  • exceptional knowledge of campus resources, polices, and services
  • Created a welcoming and friendly campus environment while providing excellent customer service to students and members of the community
  • Continually went above and beyond what was required to assist a student, faculty or staff member
  • Worked collaboratively with peers, staff, and faculty during orientation, training, and meetings

Outstanding Program of the Year

Criteria — Recipient program created a lasting impact on the College community. Criteria demonstrated the following ways:

  • Provided informative and educational awareness to Century on a specific topic
  • Promoted and improved community among Century students, staff, and faculty
  • Created an interesting and exciting event welcoming all to participate

Wood Duck Spirit Award

Criteria — Recipient demonstrated great loyalty and commitment to Student Life, promoting a true sense of family and community at Century College. Criteria demonstrated the following ways:

  • Participated, contributed to, and/or volunteered for multiple areas of Student Life
  • Engaged in promoting club activities and campus-wide events, both through their own participation and recruitment of new members
  • Acted as a positive inspiration for club morale and spirit


All nominations must be turned in to The Connection or Stephanie Kramer(studentlifeintern@century.edu), W1214, by 4 pm, Friday, March 27th.


Stephanie Kramer, Office of Student Life, 651.779.6191.

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