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Log into myCentury
  1. Single sign-on access to email, D2L, eServices, etc.
  2. Free and Reduced-Cost software from companies like Adobe, Microsoft, Symantec, and more!
  3. Free access to an online training site designed to help you learn, master, and apply digital tools and techniques.
  4. Access to your printing balance, bookstore vouchers, and apply for your direct loans
and much more...

What is myCentury?

myCentury is a secure portal for currently-enrolled, credit Students and Faculty/Staff to get information needed to be successful at Century College. It is a single sign-on system where you can access your e-mail, free or discounted software, free computer software training from, information regarding printing, bookstore vouchers, and much more.

Where to find?

  1. On any page within the Century College website:
  2. Click "myCentury" located on the top right corner of the page.

StarID / Password Login for myCentury:

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StarID / Password Help:

Trouble logging into myCentury?

  • Check myCentury FAQ for help documentation.
  • If after reviewing the myCentury FAQ you still need more assistance, please call our StudentHelp Line (651-779-3295) during regular business hours or visit one of our Computer Centers on campus (West Campus W3165 and East Campus E1710)