Century College Annual Report 2022

President’s Message

In 2022, Century College continued our work toward completing our Strategic Plan 2020-2025. Our accomplishments were significant and impactful as we maintained our commitment to our mission and collective values. Throughout our 2022 Annual Report, you will learn about our work to help our students succeed through the expansion of student support services and financial support and educating and training our students by providing advanced equipment and learning environments, all while nurturing an institutional culture that supports the whole person and respects diversity and inclusion.

Century College is great – we can be better in 2023!

Looking forward, our vision is focused on being even better in 2023. We are creating better teaching and learning experiences, producing more industry-ready graduates to fuel the workforce, and building stronger communities. We are providing more financial support to students, developing and expanding programs to respond to workforce demands, scaling instructional delivery to meet the needs of students, and modernizing learning and activity spaces to grow collaborations and partnerships. We thank you for your support of Century College. Collectively, we are proud of our achievements this past year and continue to look forward to a better future.

- Angelia Millender, President

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