Lived Experiences: Diverse Voices of Century College

The Century College Office of Diversity and Inclusion would like to introduce Lived Experiences: Diverse Voices of Century College.

The Lived Experiences: Diverse Voices of Century College project shares stories from Century College students, employees, and alumni about how race has factored into their life experiences. It will highlight ideas about how we all can better understand our different cultures to increase awareness of diversity, equity, and inclusion, and how Century College and the nation can bring about systemic social justice change.

Through the lived experiences and perspectives of our students, employees, and alumni, we can learn about how we are different, and yet the same, how we are impacted differently by the same historic and current events related social justice and civil unrest, and how we can learn to co-exist in a society where racism and economic disparities remain part of the norm.

You’ll hear ways in which Century College is currently creating a welcoming community, where everyone can feel safe to be themselves, to find representation in our faculty and staff, as well as our student body, but also ways in which we can improve. Century College strives to be a space of tolerance, where we can take on difficult subjects and discuss what’s happening in the world around us—and to decide for ourselves, and our community how to be better citizens, and work for justice.

Lived Experiences: Diverse Voices of Century College is an initiative that falls under Goal 2 of our Century College Strategic Plan 2020-2025 to create a culture of inclusion, diversity, equity and action.

If you are a Century College student, employee, or alumni and are interested in participating in the Lived Experiences: Diverse Voices of Century College project, please email

Lived Experiences: Diverse Voices of Century College-Pakou

Pakou - Century College Provost/Vice President

Ridwan-representation final1

Ridwan - Century College Student

Lived Experiences: Diverse Voices of Century College_Roger_True Past

Roger - Century College Staff