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Century College is a campus that is intentional about fostering an environment that is safe and welcoming to all. Whether you are a student, family or friend of a student, employee or just visiting us, we want to make sure that we are serving you in an equitable fashion. 

Not only are we vocal about our stance on equity and diversity at Century College, we believe in being action-oriented as well. Our Equity and Diversity Plan focuses on five key areas that will allow us, as a college, to purposefully serve, support and embrace our ever growing diverse campus community:

  • Access/Equity/Diversity
  • Employee Diversity
  • Community Engagement & Inclusion
  • Supportive Campus Climate
  • Community Engagement

Equity & Inclusion Statement

Century College is a campus that welcomes all students and is committed to their success. As students, employees, and the community, we pledge to work towards social action and dismantling structural racism. Regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, immigrant status or disability, we celebrate, support, and embrace learners of diverse communities. 

We at Century College want you to know that you are supported here on our campus. Please take some time to explore the many inclusive resources we have to offer students and employees. 

Student Support Centers

  • Disability Services and Access Center
    • Access Center / Disability Services
    • The Access Center / Disability Services assists students, parents, and college employees to provide access to our programs, services and activities. 

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    • LGBTQ Center staff and students
      • LGBTQ Center
      • Century College's LGBTQ Center is a safe space and resource center for our students and community members. 

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        • Multicultural Center
        • The Multicultural Center serves as a campus-wide resource offering services, programs, and initiatives to support student success, and promote academic achievement.

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          • Resource & Support Center
          • The Resource & Support Center connects students with a variety of community resources and services that help ease obstacles many face every day. 

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          Inclusive Services

          Employee Professional Development

          • Business program at Century College

            Seeking Educational Equity & Diversity (S.E.E.D) Initiative

            The National S.E.E.D Project on Inclusive Curriculum began in 1987. The S.E.E.D initiative has been in existence at Century College since 2001. The mission of this initiative is to support the efforts of Century faculty and staff in personal and professional awareness, self-assessment, and growth which will support creating a safer and affirming environment for all students and employees. Contact Cathy Crea (651-747-4060) to join a cohort or for more information. 

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            Institute for Culturally Responsive Pedagogy (ICRP)

            The Institute for Culturally Responsive Pedagogy (ICRP) is a faculty professional development and personal growth opportunity designed to challenge participants to think about their instruction, course content, and pedagogy to improve academic outcomes. This is one effort of Century's Strategic Plan (Goal 1: progressively reduce and ultimately eliminate the racial achievment gap). To join a cohort or for more information, contact Cathy Crea (651-747-4060).

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            Employee Affinity Group 

            The office of Diversity & Inclusion offers an affinity group for employees of color. With the college’s strategic goal of progressively reducing the racial achievement gap, we have acknowledged the importance of recruiting and retaining diverse employees. This affinity group is a way to advance diversity and inclusiveness and promote professional development of employees. It also serves as a vehicle to help facilitate the retention of staff and faculty of color. 

            Other benefits are:

          • To provide informal support to each other and to students of color
          • To build leadership amongst the group’s membership
          • To give guidance to campus leadership
          • To advise college leadership
          • To foster an inclusive atmosphere

           The group meets once every month. To join us, please contact Cathy Crea (651-747-4060).

          More information on employee professional development can be found through Human Resources