Equity & Inclusion Statement

Century College is a campus that welcomes all students and is committed to their success. As students, employees, and the community, we pledge to work towards social action and dismantling structural racism. Regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, immigrant status or disability, we celebrate, support, and embrace learners of diverse communities. 

Century College is a campus that is intentional about fostering an environment that is safe and welcoming to all. Whether you are a student, family or friend of a student, employee or just visiting us, we want to make sure that we are serving you in an equitable fashion. 

Not only are we vocal about our stance on equity and diversity at Century College, we believe in being action-oriented as well. Our Equity and Diversity Plan focuses on five key areas that will allow us, as a college, to purposefully serve, support and embrace our ever growing diverse campus community:

  • Access/Equity/Diversity
  • Employee Diversity
  • Community Engagement & Inclusion
  • Supportive Campus Climate
  • Community Engagement


Rosa Rodriguez
Chief Diversity Officer/Title IX Coordinator

Adoness Turner
Executive Assistant

Inclusive Services

All Gender Restrooms

There are all gender/neutral gender restrooms on both East and West campuses:
  • East campus: E1219, E1337, E1597, E1604, E2219, E2324, E2604, E3353, E3354, E3604
  • West campus: 1st floor next to the Loading Dock; 2nd floor next to the Fishbowl Conference Room

Please read the All Gender Bathroom brochure for more information on our all gender bathrooms.

Why are all gender or gender neutral bathrooms important?

Everyone has the right to use the bathroom without fear! Besides reinforcing gender norms, bathrooms that are clearly marked as male/female force many individuals to enter bathroom environments that they consider uncomfortable and unsafe. People face discrimination daily for entering marked bathrooms containing other individuals who perceive their gender to be variant from the social norm. Increasing awareness and identifying the locations of gender-safe bathrooms will prevent people from being threatened by violence and harassment. (from Harvard QSA)

Quiet Reflection Room

The Quiet Reflection Room (West campus, W3145) is a non-denominational space for individuals in the Century College campus community to come and spend time in personal reflection.

All are welcome to use the space-we just ask that you are respectful of others.

The Quiet Reflection Room is not scheduled and is unlocked and open for use during building hours. Use common courtesy if you see someone waiting to use the area.

The room is to be used by individuals, NOT GROUPS.

Handouts, books, or materials of any kind are not to be displayed or posted in the Reflection Room.

THIS IS NOT A STUDY SPACE. Please use other spaces on campus for studying.

Preferred Name Policy and Procedure

Title IX (Gender Discrimination and Sexual Offenses)

Title IX has become a powerful tool on college campuses for combatting sexual offenses and gender discrimination. While Title IX is widely known for it’s role in opportunities in athletics, the arm of Title IX reaches farther to affect pregnant, gender non-conforming, and any other student that feels opportunities, services, and environments were altered because of their gender.

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