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As a part of the Minnesota State system, Century College receives funding via the legislative request submitted by Minnesota State.

Minnesota State is the fifth largest system of colleges and universities in the nation with 30 state colleges and 7 state universities across the state that serve as an essential resource to students, business, and industry.

In addition to requesting its operating budget, Minnesota State is requesting $178 million in new funding for fiscal years 2018 and 2019. 

    What is included in the request?

    Financial Year 2018 - 2019 Minnesota State Legislative Request

    $178 million in new funding over the next biennium:

    • $143 million to support and protect campuses like Century College
    • $25 million for critical technology replacements impacting Century College
    • $10 million for student incentive grants

    View the Minnesota State FY2018-FY2019 Budget Request and the complete Minnesota State FY2018-FY2019 Legislative Request book.

    How will this affect Century?

    Impact of the Minnesota State Legislature Request To Century College

    Century College will receive $5.4 million of the $143 million supporting and protecting campuses, and an estimated 1049students will be supported by the funding for incentive grants. A fully funded request will allow us to:

    • Provide continued investment in services to improve student retention and completion, especially through academic pathways, reducing the time for students to attain their degree and enter the workforce or transfer.
    • Provide continued investment in new program development in high-demand fields such as manufacturing, healthcare, and IT.

    Not fully funded request will cause us to:

    • Limit our ability to develop and offer new academic programs.
    • Negatively impact direct services to students. Few other options are available as we have cut and reallocated $13 million in the past five years, resulting in the elimination of 125 employee positions.

    Learn more about the impact of the Minnesota State legislative request to Century College.

    What will Century receive?

    2017 Century College Capital Request

    Should any portion of the Minnesota State capital request be funded, Century College is included for:

    • $7.8 million in asset preservation (HEAPR)
    • $5.5 million for an Applied Technology Center (east campus), which is Minnesota State system priority #13

    Learn more about the legislative session's impact on Century College:

    Eluid Garcia, law enforcement student of Century College

    Eliud is a current Century student and worker in the Admissions department, serving as a campus tour guide for prospective students, helping both prospective English and Spanish-speaking students (and their parents) to understand campus life. Learn more about Eliud's story