Strategic Plan 2020-2025

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Message from the President

Portrait of President Angelia Millender

Collaboration is essential to who we are. The Century College strategic plan was developed through a highly collaborative process - engaging all college stakeholders to identify and articulate the College’s strategic priorities.

As we implement and execute the plan, we will continue to collaborate with all college stakeholders - employees, students, alumni, and the local and regional community - to achieve our collective vision. Century College will work with our partners to deliver high-quality, innovative education and services that will lead to student success and the success of the community.

Century College will support its students and employees, continue to improve its processes and be accountable for its work as it delivers on its mission of inspiring, preparing, and empowering students to succeed in a changing world.

- Angelia Millender, President, Century College


Strategic Goals

1) Create a culture that recognizes and develops the whole person

  • Educate the Century College community on the concept and importance of the whole person.
  • Build an infrastructure to identify the needs of both students and employees and provide the necessary resources to support them.

2) Create a culture of inclusion, diversity, equity, and action

  • Improve accessibility and outcomes for all members of our community by adopting equitable policies/practices throughout Century College.
  • Attract, recruit, hire, and retain more diverse campus leaders, including students and employees.
  • Build cultural competency throughout the Century College community.

3) Create a culture of responsiveness to changing needs and environmental factors

  • Continually improve all Century College functions (including practices, processes, policies, teaching, and learning) so that the College is more resilient and responsive to external and internal needs.
  • Continually hold all functions of the College accountable through ongoing assessment, alignment, and integration practices to better serve the needs of our community.

4) Create a culture of collaboration and partnerships to grow and sustain the College community

  • Intentionally nurture mutually beneficial partnerships and collaborations.
  • Grow, resource, assess, and sustain an infrastructure that supports our partnerships and collaborations.

5) Create a culture of innovation for sustained college and student success

  • Develop infrastructure to identify, reward, and invest necessary resources for a sustainable culture of innovation.
  • Cultivate and support the development, adoption, and dissemination of innovative practices so that our College can take calculated risks.


2025 Vision Statement

This vision statement should be understood as how we at Century College will describe the college in 2025 after implementing our Strategic Plan.

Century College is recognized for transforming lives through an innovative, rigorous, and compassionate approach to education. We are well-known for developing the whole person, supporting a culture of inclusion, nurturing collaboration and partnerships, innovating and embracing risk, and operating in a sustainable manner. Our student-focused culture and commitment to student success drives everything we do. We provide a personal, dynamic and rigorous educational experience so that our students are prepared for a complex and fast-changing world.

Our absolute commitment to and focus on the “whole person” exemplifies our lived values. We prioritize wellness in all its dimensions and in the health and well-being of our community. We have created a positive and supportive “ecology” for all those in the Century community, which is a model for our partners.

Century College is safe, inclusive, and welcoming for all. We commit resources to support our diverse community in ways that promote inclusion and diversity, we are able to respond to the changing needs of our students, employees, and community. We are a place where everyone is valued and supported.

Collaboration is essential to who we are. Century College is known for creating and sustaining trusted partnerships that deliver on mutually beneficial commitments, creating a more sustainable and evolving institution, able to effectively meet its mission and vision. Century operates at the center of a network of internal and external partners, serving the community and providing exceptional, holistic, supportive, and innovative experiences for all.

Century College is known for being innovative. The Century community applies new and better solutions to address all problems and issues facing the college. The college promotes innovation by supporting employees’ and students’ willingness to try new things to take calculated risks. Failure is viewed as a step toward achieving greater success.

Our operational and governance processes are sustainable, trusted, transparent, easy to navigate, and responsive to changing needs. Decisions are data-driven, measured, communicated, and well-resourced. We are recognized for our dedication and accountability, allowing us to remain our region’s top provider and the destination of choice for employment and leading-edge educational programs, experiences, and services.


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