Suggestions & Complaint Process

Century College values your feedback. If you have a concern/suggestion, review your options below.

Suggestion Box

In order to leave an informal concern or suggestion, please utilize the Century College Suggestion Box. You may include your contact information or choose to remain anonymous.

Current Students

Grade Appeal Form

Students may appeal a final course grade according to the Grade Appeal Policy by following the steps of the Grade Appeal Procedure. Complete the Grade Appeal Form and send it to the appropriate dean to initiate the appeal.

In order to address other concerns or complaints, first review the FAQs, and then if applicable, utilize the complaint form below.


Should I talk to the person I have a concern or complaint with?

  • You are encouraged to bring a concern directly to the employee of concern or employee responsible for the area of the concern for discussion and informal resolution - this is not required.
  • If you are nervous about talking with your instructor or other employee, click here for some helpful ideas about how to get positive results. 
  • If the concern was not resolved informally with the employee responsible or if you do not want to bring the concern directly to the employee, use the online complaint form.

When do I use the online complaint form?

  • You have a complaint about the college including policies, procedures, facilities, personnel or other activities.
  • You are a current student, previous student or alum, prospective student or going through the application process.
  • You have talked with the person or area responsible to try and resolve your concern but are not happy with the outcome.
  • You do not want to talk directly with the area or person responsible.

When shouldn’t I use the online complaint form?

  • Grade change: if you want to request a grade review or change, start by discussing the grade with your instructor. If your concern is not resolved, you may request further review by filling out the Grade Appeal Form.
  • Student behavior/conduct: if you have a concern about another student’s behavior, please utilize the online reporting form for student behavior.
  • Harassment/discrimination based on a protected class: please review the Minnesota State system policy and procedure. If the concern is with employees, report it here. If the concern is with students, please report it here.
  • Title IX: concerns related to Title IX including pregnant and parenting rights, sexual offenses and athletics. 
  • Refund/late withdrawal petition: if you want to request a refund due to medical issues, other personal circumstances or due to a college error, consult with your advisor to start the process.
  • Academic Petition: request exception to program or other academic requirements and work with an advisor by submitting an Academic Petition.
  • Specific academic programs: some programs have their own appeals process for certain concerns.
  • Suggestion Box: use the Suggestion Box to submit general suggestions or ideas.

Can I fill out the online complaint form anonymously?

  • Yes, but you will not receive a response back from the college.
  • If you submit your name and contact information, we can respond to your complaint as well as follow up if there are questions or more information is needed.

What if I have more than one complaint?

  • Please separate complaints as they will be routed to different areas for review.
  • Please fill out a complaint form for each complaint.


In order to address a concern, please contact the appropriate supervisor of the area (search the directory). In order to learn about Century College policies, please reference our College policies.


In order to address a concern, please contact your supervisor or another area supervisor. You may also review Human Resources information or contact Human Resources at 651-779-5804.

Other Resources

If your issue can't be resolved using Century College procedures, you may contact any of the following accordingly:

National Council for State Authorization Reciprocity Agreement (NC-SARA)
Minnesota Office of Higher Education
Higher Learning Commission