Virtual Delivery Student Resources

Due to growing concern regarding Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Century College has provided resources to help students learn from home. This page contains guidance and resources to help you learn how to use the learning management system D2L Brightspace. There are also internet and computer options available.

Technology Resources

Century College Computer Centers

The East Campus Computer Center is available for students. See the Computer Center webpage for details and hours.

Low and No Cost Internet Options

  • Internet Essentials – Comcast is offering an "Internet Essentials" package free for low-income customers for 60 days. There is also an option to buy refurbished low-cost computers (NOTE - Comcast announced Friday 3/13, it would open free public Wi-Fi hot spots throughout the country, as part of its response to the Coronavirus outbreak. It will also eliminate data caps for its customers)
  • Charter Communications is offering Free Spectrum broadband and WiFi access for 60 days in home with K-12 and/or college students that don’t have an existing Spectrum service level up to 100 Mbps

Low and No Cost Computer Options

  • Minnesota Computers for Schools – Lifelong Learners Program: Do you need a computer but have no way of getting one? This may be a program to help. There is an application process, and the student would need a portion filled out by a Learning Partner/Counselor/Social Worker/Job Coach, etc.
  • PCs for People - This option provides the ability to provide low cost internet and computers to individuals who meet certain eligibility requirements. The internet access is provided with mobile hot-spots, which would allow students to take it wherever it is needed
  • Refurble – Provides low cost refurbished machines to students. 

Logging in to Your Student Email

Century College provides Microsoft Office 365 e-mail service.

To access your student e-mail:

  1. Click myCentury located on the top right corner of this page (your login for myCentury is your StarID and Password)
  2. Click on the email tile on the myCentury homepage
  3. Enter and your StarID password

Trouble logging into e-mail?

  • Make sure you are logging in under myCentury and NOT going to
  • Check the Access Your Century Student Email document for help
  • If, after reviewing the document above you still require assistance, please call our StudentHelp Line (651-779-3295) during regular business hours or visit a Computer Center on campus

Connect Virtually Through Zoom

Your teachers may set up virtual meetings through Zoom Video Conferencing. They will place links to access the meetings within your D2L Brightspace courses.

Zoom is also available for you to set up your own meetings, for example, to create virtual study groups with your classmates. 

For instruction using Zoom, go to Zoom Video Conferencing.

Login to Zoom - Click on the Sign In button and use your StarID and password. 


Microsoft Office 365

Century College students have access to Microsoft Office 365 for free through myCentury. This gives you access to Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint and much more.

D2L Information and Resources

Quick Tour of the D2L Classroom (3:53): Short overview of the main features of the D2L classroom by faculty member Lynn Smaagard

Logging in to D2L

All Century College spring courses are available in D2L Brightspace. Login to D2L Brightspace (use your StarID and password).

Access Course Learning Materials

Access course learning materials under the Materials drop down menu within your course and choose Content.

Navigate Brightspace Learning Environment - Content - Learner (1:46)

Communication Options


Send an email using your school email to your teachers or classmates via the Classlist in D2L Brightspace.

Navigate Brightspace Learning Environment - Classlist – Learner (1:29)


Course activity can be forwarded to your email by editing your Notification Settings preferences. Notifications is located within the drop down menu when you click on your name in the upper right corner of the D2L Brightspace page.

Navigate Brightspace Learning Environment - Notifications – Learner (1:44)


Use the Discussions tool located in the Communications drop down menu within your course for course discussions with your teacher and classmates.

Navigate Brightspace Learning Environment - Engage in Discussions – Learner (2:01)

Assignments, Quizzes and Grading

Your teachers may use the following tools which are located in the Assessments drop down menu within your courses.


Use the Assignments tool to submit your assignments.

Assignments - Submit and Confirm a Submission – Learner (2:05)


Use the Quizzes tool to take quizzes.

Quizzes - Take a Quiz – Learner (2:58)


Use the Grades tool to view your grades.

Navigate Brightspace Learning Environment - View Grades and Feedback – Learner (1:34)

Questions or Need Technical Help?

Please contact the following:

  • Call 1-844-456-3876 for direct support for Star ID, D2L Brightspace, Kaltura MediaSpace, Zoom, Office 365 (Teams, Skype, Stream, Email).
Days of Operation Hours
Monday - Thursday 7am - Midnight
Friday 7am - 8pm
Saturday 7:30am - 6pm
Sunday 11am - 10pm

Accessing Support Services at a Distance

Century student support services are prepared to offer support at a distance. See information at the top of each service’s webpage by clicking on a link below.

Top 12 Tips from Century Faculty for Students New to Online Learning This Semester


  1. Check email & D2L daily. Forwarding email only works for receiving, not sending, messages, both in D2L and your Century account.
  2. Communicate with teachers and tutors! Allow 24-48 hours for responses, list your course/section (ECT 1001-90, for example), and use your Century account.
  3. If in doubt, ask. Others may have the same question, and the instructor can answer everyone with one post.
  4. Tell family and others what you need to study online, and collaborate on a way to meet the needs of others in the household as they do things online, too.

Be Realistic About Your Time

  1. Plan 3-4 hours of homework/study time per credit per week, including what would normally happen in-class.
  2. Actively, intentionally schedule tasks, due dates, and time for lessons or assignments.
  3. Be careful not to lose track of time if you are researching online (very easy to do!).

Don't Let the Technology Overwhelm You

  1. Learning new technologies like D2L can feel impossible, but there are wonderful resources to help you, and you can do this.
  2. Be patient with yourself, your instructor, and those around you as we all learn how to navigate this new situation. We are in this together!
  3. Ask for help or extensions, whether due to technology or other challenges; we know you are trying your best.
  4. Save your work to your computer frequently, just in case something goes wrong with the technology.

Just for Fun

  1. Consider changing the background in your Zoom meeting!

Star Alert

Star Alert emergency notification e-mail messages will be sent to official college e-mail addresses and a personal e-mail address (if available). Star Alert text messages will be sent to cell phone numbers listed in our student/employee record system. 

Please make sure your StarAlert cell phone and supplemental email address information is up to date in the case of emergency communications that may be necessary. Students may change their personal e-mail address and cell phone number online using e-Services.