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Quality Online Learning

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    Online courses offer you a great deal of flexibility, such as anytime and anyplace access to your classes. Nearly all of Century course offerings are currently available online, and many programs can even be completed entirely online. This opportunity to complete programs in an online or face-to-face format existed prior to Spring 2020 and will continue post-COVID. Exceptions are for some technical programs where hands-on learning may be required (e.g., nursing, dental assistant, automotive, etc.). Those courses are currently arranged under health and safety guidelines.

Courses may be offered in completely online, mostly online, blended/hybrid (partly online/partly in-person), or completely in-person. Please click on the course search site to see current course offerings by delivery format. In addition, the college offers non-credit courses, professional certificates, and customized training online. Please see online career training for a list of available non-credit learning opportunities.

Types of Online Classes Available

Below are the types of online learning opportunities at Century College along with a link to explore how a particular program may be offered. Please note that most programs are offered in multiple formats.

Asynchronous and Synchronous Courses

  • Asynchronous means that there are no class times where students must meet at the same time with instructors. Some students prefer these for more schedule flexibility although all classes require time devoted to coursework each week.
  • Synchronous means there are scheduled class times where students meet together at the same time. Some students prefer these for the greater interactivity although all classes will have multiple ways to interact with your fellow students and faculty.

Delivery Methods

  • Online Courses may be mostly (more than 75%) or completely (100%) online, with asynchronous and/or synchronous components. Courses that are mostly online may have up to two in-person meetings.
  • Blended/Hybrid Courses may have 25-75% of instruction online with regularly scheduled in-person meetings.
  • Hyflex courses offer a flexible course structure that allows students to attend classes in person, online, or both throughout the course duration. 

How to Find a Course by Delivery Method Code

  1. Go to eServices
  2. Search for a course
  3. The Delivery Method code will display on the far right under "Delivery Method"

Online Course Examples

Course: Fundamentals of Public Speaking
Instructor: Amy Fisher

Course: Biology Concepts
Instructor: Chuck Paulson

Commitment to Quality Online Teaching and Learning at Century College

Century College is committed to following the research-based standards established by Quality Matters for online and hybrid learning environments. The college currently employs eight faculty and staff who are certified as Quality Matters Peer Reviewers or Master Reviewers and had its first course achieving QM certification in 2016.

Century College has been offering courses online since 2003. The number of online or hybrid courses has grown significantly in recent years along with faculty in teaching in online learning environments. That experience was leveraged in the spring 2020 semester as a corps of skilled faculty peer mentors worked individually and with departments to enable to remote teaching. The college recognizes that the learning environment extends beyond the classroom and had made all support services such as the library, academic advising, personal counseling, and disability services, available remotely. 

Faculty are supported by college and system support teams. The college is supported by a team is made up of a dean, instructional designers, faculty peer mentors, and IT staff dedicated to supporting online learning excellence. Faculty serving as peer mentors are often recognized experts in online learning outside Century College. Faculty ensuring quality with the availability of able to utilize course templates, individual consultations with instructional designers and peer mentors, workshops, and online teaching “bootcamps” for new instructors. In addition, the Minnesota State System provides system level support to institutions through access to quality teaching and learning technology, professional development courses for faculty, and 24/7 student support services like tutor.com.

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Century College has been approved to participate in the National Council for State Authorization Reciprocity Agreements.


For technical questions, please call the Student Help Line 651-779-3295 at or go to Minnstate COVID-19 Student Technology Help. For questions related to online learning success strategies, please contact Caroline Toscano.